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    When the weather is too hot

    Cyclists should always bring a bottle of water whether it is hot or not. Usually cyclist here in my place travel early in the morning and only for short distances. It is not advisable for them to travel using bikes for a long distance. Better be safe than sorry.
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    Riding on the sidewalk is now illegal in metro manila

    It should have been implemented a long time ago. Some people used the sidewalks in order to pass a street if it is full of traffic. It can cause lots of accidents because people are walking in the sidewalks. Years ago I have been almost hit by a bicycle while I was walking. I didn't even notice...
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    Walk your bike when crossing the street

    A bicycle is still considered a vehicle. Pedestrians are for human and animal crossing. Here in my country I haven't seen anyone ride their bicycle while crossing the pedestrian lane. It also rare to see someone cross a street on their bikes. I think this is a good idea as to prevent any...
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    Speed is a factor in accidents

    A lot of people died because of over speeding. Here in my place one store got hit by an over speeding jeep. Luckily, there were no casualties but there is lots of damage to the store and the jeep. It was a horrifying accident. There was child that got under the jeep. If only the driver wasn't...
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    Challenging yourself

    Yeah. Improving oneself should be a person's goal every time. In exercise, there is a need to increase the intensity of the exercise. It is either you make the time longer doing the same exercise or change to something that is more challenging. Our body gets use to the exercise and we lose its...
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    Knee pain

    Yeah. Hot and cold compress can alleviate the pain. You should really stretch before starting cycling specially if you are just starting in this sport or haven't done this in a long time. Any types of exercises should be first started with warm-ups such as stretching and cool-down exercises...
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    What's the weirdest hotdog variant you've ever seen or eaten?

    I have seen croc dogs but I didn't try eat. Because I feel like it will be weird. I can't believe that they croc dogs for sale. What does it taste like? Is it good? It seems to be very expensive.
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    What's the healthiest burger made off?

    I think that the best burger is made up of vegetables. Usually, I go for tufo burger. It's a very good alternative for meat. It's healthy and delicious at the same time. Also, I love pork patty for burgers. It is a high source of protein.
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    Ronda pilipinas - philippine tour 2018

    Wow. I don't know too. I always thought that the events involve to this are for charity only. Also, I've heard of small scale contests but not large-scale contest. I newer know that there are opportunities like this, you can enjoy and earn at the same time. This kind of events should be announce...
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    Carrying Water

    Whether you are going cycling or not, it is best to carry water with you to keep hydrated. Hydration is very important to our body, specially if we sweat a lot. During cycling it is best to bring a bottle of water and fill it up on the way every time you have the chance. Never go out cycling if...
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    Kind of sisters' bonding: cycling

    I can relate with you. Cycling is an amazing way to bond with family and friends. Me and my friends cycles around the neighborhood when we were younger. But now that we have grown-up we don't do this anymore. I miss those times, they were unforgettable. Those are the times when we can not...
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    Eight die as drug driver hits cycling club convoy in Italy.

    Drunk driving is a big no,no. This tragedy happened because of someone's negligence and lack of discipline. People should be responsible when driving. My father got into an accident while driving years ago. He was drunk and he fell while driving. He almost died. Luckily, he survived and there is...
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    Listen to music while riding?

    If you are cycling indoors you can amp up the music. Wear earphones if you prefer. But if you are cycling outdoors I would not recommend it. This might cause an accident. Lots of accidents happen due to some people wearing earphones while walking, driving and cycling. I know someone who got hit...
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    Cycling in groups is fun and safe

    Yeah. Antipolo is a good spot for cycling. When I go to Antipolo before I can see lots of cyclists. Also there are really beautiful views there. Cycling with friends and family is a good way to bond and to improve health. It is also best to travel together if you're not familiar with the area.
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    Few tips to start mountain cycling

    What advice can you give to those beginners who wants to go into mountain cycling? Aside from the bike and gears to be used. Also, what is the brand of the bike that you can recommend that is perfect for mountain cycling and why?