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    Beginner looking for general advice

    I participated in such a competition of writers. Our assignment was an essay on Black Death (this is a plague epidemic in medieval Europe). You can see examples of finished work here I think this is a great way to see the quality of work of professional writers in...
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    Bell vs giro: what is the leading brand in bicycling helmets?

    All helmets are checked for compliance with the same standard, and then only a fixed number of accidents with injuries without a helmet
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    Argumentative essay about cycling

    I believe that cycling is a solution to many urban problems. For example, this can solve the problem of traffic jams. But for this, you need to create a developed infrastructure for cyclists. Bikes are also a small step in the fight against homelessness, which you can find more in the example of...
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    Argumentative essay about cycling

    Yes, this is truly an eternal problem.