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    How much does your bike weigh?

    TREK5200 17.8 LBS.....
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    YO!!!! With clips more then once I have made a fool of myself by not getting my foot out fast enough.... I REALLY like my Looks... It seems when ever I topple my foot automaticly rotates and I'm out of at least one of the pedals shortly after I find myself on the ground! I learned when using...
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    What I like about riding my bike.

    Riding my bike ALLOWS me to free....To think or not think, muse over the area I'm in or enjoy the warm sun beaming upon me!!!!!
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    Trek 1200C or 1800C

    I went to TREKS website to see just what bicycles you where talking about..... If cost is not a problem for you. It's my opinion you'd be better off with the 1800C. It has better components, Ultegra, better wheels, better everything in general, if memory serves. It also gets down to how much...
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    How many cycling jersey/shorts do you have?

    Lets see.......... 5 lycra shorts, 7 jerseys, 3 pair of socks, 2 pair of winter weight tights and 1 pair of booties. That's about as good as it gets for me!.