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    Cheap Bike Saddle for Upright Riding in College

    Hello! So, I'm looking for a new saddle for my city bike. I'm looking for something comfortable with a wide seat and preferably with springs. I am not looking to spend too much on this saddle (so please don't tell my to buy a brooks unless you can find one under $50 for me). This bike is...
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    newbie's bottom hurts

    I don't know anything about bicycling pants, but I would recommend changing the angle of your seat to see if that helps. Underneath the seat there is a bolt which you can loosen and change the angle. I just recently purchased a new bike and the seat was extremely uncomfortable on my bottom. I...
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    womens bike colours... do women really want pink?

    I'm personally a big fan of pinks and pastels on bikes! I think nothing is tackier though than flowers and other decals on the bike though. If you have striping (or even a swirl of some sort on the tube) on the bike, I think that's nice. Cutsey decals however are to be avoided like the plague...