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    A tail light with a switch and an indicator on the handle bar

    If you want a very long-life, high quality solution then: This system uses a hub dynamo, which means that you need to get a new front wheel as well as the system itself. Turns on and off with a switch on your handlebar. The indicator is the front light, or remembering...
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    Disc brake recommendation

    The Spyres are easy to install and easy to keep in good order. I have read that the pad adjustment screws back out over time, but I don't use them - I've taken care to centre the calipers carefully and then just use the barrel adjuster as the pads wear. They stop well, but which disc brake doesn't?
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    How do you feel about child seats on bikes?

    Around here in inner Sydney, children travel in seats just like that all the time. Children love it. For an experienced urban rider, the risk of a crash is low.
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    Brake cables: Another "is it worth it" thread.

    Like most recent cycling advances, they are an attempt to extract more money from people with perfectly good bicycles.
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    Power meters and Cranks

    The Cycleops meters avoid a whole lot of problems, with the slight downside that people think that you're cheating with an electric motor hub. For some years, I was waiting for an acceptable non-rear-hub system, but gave up in the end. I've been quite happy with Powertap.
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    Broken Spoke?

    I would obtain the correct replacement spoke, lace it up, tension it up and then true the wheel aiming to do so by adjusting the tension of the new spoke only. If this wasn't approximately the same tension as other spokes on the same side, I'd be a little concerned about damage to the rim. If I...
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    Mavic Problems

    The nylon bush on the freehub body is white and is very unlikely to be broken. I think that the black structure that you describe is the lip seal, and it should be a continuous ring. You need a new one. You also need to clean and lubricate the freehub body bearing surfaces. You may need to...
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    Road to TT bike transition advice

    An update for anyone in a similar situation: I ended up getting the 61cm P2 and raced with an 80mm -17deg stem sitting on the headset and 50 mm aero bar risers, so same reach to the bull bars and the aero bars ended up 3mm higher than on the converted road bike. For the moment the bike...
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    Road to TT bike transition advice

    Dave, once again, thanks. My aero bar positon is a long way back (maybe 4-5cm) from where I would put them in the absence of UCI rules. My elbows do hang ~2cm off the back of the pad even with my fingers curled over the end of the bar. For taller riders, the uci-legal fit process seems to...
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    Road to TT bike transition advice

    Dave, thanks for your advice. I guess that a more general question would be, why do they make these frames so long? I'm already as far forward as the uci will let me go - I suppose that the extra reach is most useful for non-uci events like triathlons. Maybe I should add that my road bike is one...
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    Road to TT bike transition advice

    I'm competing in a team TT in a month,and have already worked out a reasonably comfortable position on my road frame with clip ons and a reversed Thomson set-back seatpost (stack 602, reach 412, stem -6deg 120mm, no steerer spacers). My clip-ons are on the 80cm UCI limit, so can't go any further...
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    Advice on wheels for heavy rider

    The only 700c rear wheel of which I've never broken spokes is a (second hand) Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL. It has been on my nice bike since ~2006. I'm a leanish 87 kg (192 lbs) and 193 cm (6' 3"). All previous rear wheels were 32 spoke conventional shallow-rim ones - they'd be OK for 6 months and...
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    I've used Mavic 717 rims (36h) for loaded touring for years and have never had a problem, other than wear and tear. They are very good rims.
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    Attack/drafting question

    The teammates (or domestiques) aren't bringing the breakaway back, they are taking the peleton up to the breakaway by increasing the speed at the front of the peleton. All the others must match the increased speed or be "dropped". Being drafted does not slow the rider in front noticeably.
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    Hub dilemna

    I second the Shimano hub option - 105s would be just the ticket. FWIW, a Mavic rear hub could be serviced every night in 5 minutes with just two 5mm hex keys, a rag and some baby oil, not that that would be necessary (every 5,000-10,000km is about right). They're not the best hubs, but their...