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    Cycling app research

    that's correct! I'm just beginning so I haven't done anything definitive or deep yet. The best motivation is the person themselves, but my thought is that if the app clearly defines an easy to follow training plan that outlines progress, it will be more exciting to keep going. Additionally, push...
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    Cycling app research

    I am looking into making a cycling app to help beginner cyclists stay motivated and provide easy to follow training plans. If you could please take a minute to fill out this quick research survey, it would help greatly. Thank you for your time! Any additional comments or questions welcome :)...
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    Cycling app project

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and look forward to having a place to discuss cycling with others. To start, I am working on a project for an app to help out beginning cyclists. If you wouldn't mind taking this quick survey, it would be a great help to my research. Any additional comments...