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    trip to THailand

    I'm organising a bicycle (road bike)tour to Thailand. from the 12-11 2007 till 10-12-2007,flight tickets at the moment to thailand around 400pounds, tour will start from north of Thailand towards Vietnam or Laos I'm working on the rout, it is an adventurous tour. cycling between 80 -100km a day...
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    weekend or early morning bicycle workout (road)

    Hy thanks for your reply I don't live far from you I don't know if you mind getting up early 6 to 630am and doing about 20km week days, on saturday 10 of march I'm going to south of croydon to do the BRASS MONKEY TOUR 100km for more details you more then welcome if you want to...
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    weekend or early morning bicycle workout (road)

    I live in north London, next to Brent cross shopping center. looking for more riders for early morning or weekend work out, around north London ,or even outside at the weekend. anybody interested, or do you have idea of such a group willing to except new comers. thanks Abraham. I'm quit fit so...
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    THE British Cyclosportiv

    :) at last i menage to reserve a place to this event out of 5000 places 600 left if you want to join make sure you adjust the cookies seting in your computer:D
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    British Cyclosportive London To Canterbury

    this is the joke of my life I'm tyring to enter now its not working i was very Bissy today did u meneg to book yourself because im steel waiting avi
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    British Cyclosportive London To Canterbury

    British cycling hope to attract 5000 to ride Kents tour de France stage rout.will take place on Sunday July 1 cost 40£ per person 117-mile rout for more information go to it sound like a good weekend I'm definitely going to do it What about you:D :)
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    Tour Des Cols

    :rolleyes: I'm planing to go with two weeks holidays on the french Alps 15 nights 12 riding days riding 2 full mountain stage from the tour DE france 2007 it cost 749£ cam pings plus meals i just wonder anybody have some comment to make about this company and there tours...
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    :D i like to join or arrange a road cycle tour for a week or two in UK or any place else anybody have something to offer I'm 40 in good physic and not a looser await for your replies
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    Anyone in the UK thought of crossing a continent?

    100miles a day its abit hard i think 80 a day want kill you i cycle 500miles in a week without killing myself i mast admit i swim a lot it helps you need a good pair of lungs and strong determention good luck avi
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    Anyone in the UK thought of crossing a continent?

    i don't now about crossing continent but i wouldn't mind arranging a bike tour for a week or so maybe cycling to the isle of white my be to paris or to Amsterdam i live in London hungry for action