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    5 bike Riders killed !

    Dear Tom I'm from Portland yes we have had a bad year for cyclist. Early this spring I almost was made the list. I had some guy driving a gray dodge pickup trying to run over me while I was in the bike lane on NE Fremont. He did not hit me but caused me to wreck, I went down hard ending up...
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    Where are Kuota and Orbea made?

    Here the link for Orbea USA Tori
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    Where are Kuota and Orbea made?

    Hi Rocket I have a Orbea and love it. The Orbea factory is located in Mallabia Bizkaia Euskal Herria (The Basque country in northern Spain). Tori
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    Yearly mileage?

    I rode 5,000 on my rode bike and over 1000 on my fixed gear last year Total 6,000+
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    Is There A Road Unicycle?

    This year at Seattle to Portland 208 mile ride I saw a guy ridding a unicycle. It was made for the road with a big wheel and and funny handle bar. The Guy rode it all the way.
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    Single Speed? Cyclo Cross? Other? Which is the best commuter?

    I commute 10 mile each day on my fixedSS and love it. My route has some moderate hills and 4 stop lights, I try to time the lights to hit them green if possible. On a fixedSS you can ride slow approching the light. My Fixey also gives me a good workout going down hills without using the brake...
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    Favorite Rider

    Iban Mayo is Goi ilun galant bizikleta mutil :D
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    Rumsfeld sucks

    I agree 100% with you. :mad:
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    What is the weirdest item you ever seen attached on a bike frame?

    Yesterday after work I stopped at my local grocery store. Out in front of the store was a Huffy Mountain Bike, attached to the frame was a 5lb. Fire extinguisher. I know the jokes are forming in you mind. This dude must be the world fastest sprinter burning up all his competition. He uses the...
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    Who is the greatest rider of all-time

    Big Mig may not be the greatest but he is Goi ilun galant bizikleta mutil :D
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    Firearms & Glocks while riding?

    I just found this site about Mt. Lions
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    Neck Pain

    I have had good luck with Acupuncture to relive neck pain. In my profession at time I have to work in uncomfortable positions, which causes my neck pain. Luckily I have two Acupuncture’s next door.
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    Best Stock Bike

    I would have to vote for ORBEA
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    Gay marrage..?

    Yes I do agree with you and thanks :)
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    Bag for commuting

    I now have a set of ORTLIEB waterproof classic. Before I had set of bags, which were not waterproof, one night going home in a heavy rain everything in the bags got wet plus my cell phone. The cell phone battery was destroyed With my new Ortlieb everything stay dry. They are costly but worth it...