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    FTP in Five Minutes

    Wired, I'd do something like this to get warmed up for my FTP work.
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    SRM lifespan/top-plate button problems

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    Powermeter training indoors or out?

    Eortiz, 90% of my training is on the trainer (I live in a big, crowded city and don't have much free time to ride.). As said previously, having one or two large, industrial fans is crucial. I'll add that it also helps a lot if it's cool where you are training. The temperature 'sweet spot' for...
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    2010 Tour de Korea

    Right Jono, Mike won the elite event. And I won the special event. (I don't think they call it 'special' to be's probably just that their English isn't that advanced....) Anyway, an American had never won either event, and he and I won both! Much respect to Mike on his ride by...
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    2010 Tour de Korea

    I won it!!! Here I am on Stage 6. Before this day, on Stage 2, I had broken away with a former pro and multiple Tour de Korea winner, putting 45 seconds into the entire field. Stage 2 ended with a 20-km bridge that took us out to an island (with a crosswind that beat everyone down) and...
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    It's killing me but..........

    Nice Dancen!
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    Lumbar Disc Prolapse

    Rapidoe, I suffered an extruded disc when I was hit by a car during training about 6 years ago. My recovery was a long-term took years.... I tried to ride for several months after everything else got better from the accident...but the disc injury symptoms just got worse and worse...
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    Great Way to Start the Season! :)

    Thanks for the comp Swampy. Randall sounds like one tough dude. I don't look knackered? I guess I hide it well!:D And cheers Ade. Yep, I'm doing the Tour de Korea again this year. Training is now reaching its peak, and I'm looking forward to some form come the end of the month!
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    Great Way to Start the Season! :)

    Thanks everyone :D I'm over 5 w/kg right now. Should be able to eek out a few more watts before the tour, so I should have a good race. But yeah, after you win a race, you have more pressure not to lose :o
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    Great Way to Start the Season! :)

    I guess I should have written some more about how the race unfolded.... We did 8x9-km laps. On the first lap, that larger Korean rider with us (the ex-national champ) kept attacking. Of course, he's got a big rep here...sort of like the Korean version of Ned Overend.... so everyone chased...
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    Great Way to Start the Season! :)

    My first race of the year was this past Sunday. 250 riders. I got in a breakaway right at the start and it stuck. Then I won! :D Man, I hope the rest of the season continues to be this good!
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    Race Tactics 2010

    Great riding Dancen :) I've been in the two teammates/one solo rider situation many times...both as a teammate and as a solo rider. Usually, we work together until 5 or 10 k out. Then the fun starts. :p The solo rider should lose in all situations. Not saying it always happens, but in 5 or 10...
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    Help with climbing clinic outline

    One thing you might want to add.... It's better from a power perspective to hit the steeper parts of a climb harder, as you will be traveling slower and there will be less air resistance. Some people hit the shallower sections harder, where they will have to put out much more power to go just...
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    Race Tactics 2010

    Indeed, every race is different. You can only be so prepared. Some things you can do before the race: -Look at the course. Are there any other features that could help things open up aside from that shallow climb? Look for parts where you could get out of sight quickly? -What's the wind...
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    When do racers ****?

    If you're not sure you can make it back to the pack and have to ****, obviously you can't stop for a pee break. So: Step 1: Roll to the back of the pack Step 2: Soil that chamois Step 3: Wash bike after race It's not that big of a deal considering we smell like a bucket of ammonia after a race...