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    Armstrong vs LeMond

    Cyclists shouldn't fight, we almost always fight like girls.
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    Is this worth the price?

    Offer $100 cash and walk, it aint worth anymore than that. The retailed for about $450 when new, that bike is old junk.
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    "what supplements are going to make me freaking huge"

    Taking a good protein shake with each meal is the way to go.
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    How Much is this Avanti Corsa Elite frame worth?

    those are pretty decent frames, but you might only get a few 100 for it on ebay if you're lucky.
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    Ice Jacket Right Before A Time Trial???

    Was that the cheapest deal around? Amazon is sometimes more exxy than my local shops for some reason.
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    Cycling jerseys -- why so expensive?

    economics 101, you sell your products for the highest amount your customer will bare. If people decided to stop buying them on mass, the price will be dropped by retailers. The price of stuff often has nothing to do with the cost to manufacture, things like value systems, fads etc. play a part.
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    Lack of Power on hills

    my form finder session consists of 3 sets of 10 efforts on a 25% gradient that takes about 2 minutes to complete each one. Takes about an hour to do with warm up and some rest between each set and will leave you absolutely smashed. a few sessions like that and i find i'm floating over small...
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    Bike skipping gears!!!

    or be lazy and take it to a bike shop!
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    Over training and chronic fatigue

    A few years ago I followed a low carb atkins paleo style diet and it screwed me up big time. I felt like death and had no energy for anything remotly intense like training.
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    Up and Coming Cycling Stars

    The south east of where?
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    Is there a "better" tread for degraded road surfaces?

    Nope, just run a good set of 25mm tires and you'll be alright.
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    Pictures of your Commuter!

    Looks good, the bike would still ride pretty well to. I try to find a balance with my commuters, something thats good to ride but not to attractive to theifs.
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    Can't Seem To Pull the Trigger!

    That is a good way of looking at it. Im going to bank this and use it next time my wife complains about the amount of money I spend on my bikes
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    What's so special about bicycle grease?

    nope, just get some good grease from your LBS.
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    Need to order right tubular tires.

    Either will be fine. A lot of pros are riding 25mm these days, i'd go with them. Slightly more grip and slightly softer ride, i don't know if the differences are measurable or not though.