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    Vote Your favorite chocolate!

    Hahaha, well, this is kind of late for me. Any other contest related to chocolate please let me know. I'm a chocolate lover, and I would totally enter any other chance to win it. One of my favorites is Nutella spread.
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    Beginner. How Often Should I Train?

    Same here. I was just like you, hitting the road almost everyday when I was a beginner. Right now, I have to work a lot, and I get home completely exhausted, so I don't feel like biking so often. Maybe 2 or 3 days in a week is what I do now, specially on the weekends.
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    Beginner. How Often Should I Train?

    Honestly, I think you're doing a good work. Three days a week sounds perfect for a beginner, and it gives time enough to your muscles to rest. You can try to increase the number of miles, but do it in a slow pace, like maybe 5 miles per time, and you can try to do it every 2 weeks instead of...
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    Descending smoothly

    So sorry to know, hope you are ok, and nothing worse happened. This is a very common mistake even if you don't believe it, and it happened to me also when I was a rookie. Usually, when you are descending, you never know how fast your bike can go, and when you're scared or anxious, you can choose...
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    It's killing me but..........

    I think that's a pretty good training. The only thing I would change, is to avoid having rest 2 days in a row. When you have more than one day resting, and then come back to exercise, you can feel somehow tired. Best thing to do, is to rest one day, then exercise the next one, and then rest...
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    Fighting off knee pain and fatigue

    I've been there too. And just like you I had to take a lot of anti inflammatory pills, do a lot of rest, use an elastic support, and put tons of ice on my knee. Honestly, is really frustrating to not being able to walk and do all your normal activities, and you just feel the fear of not walking...
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    Fighting off knee pain and fatigue

    Help your knees by helping your cartilages. One way is by eating food that contains cartilage or similar, like jello, marshmallows, chicken cartilages. Another way is by taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin pills, and also adding some Colagen, that will help you out a lot.
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    muscle pain

    Don't overuse your ligaments, that will only get worse. Try to put some ice/hot pads and rest your knee for about a week, take some pain killer pills like Ibuprofen every 8 hours for 5 days, and use some support for your knee (like an elastic bandage). When you go back to biking, go slow pace...
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    How many listen to music while they ride???

    I totally know what you mean, and I would love to be able to do that. The only place I can listen to hyper/blast music while biking, is when I go to a dome for bikers, which is secure from cars and bad roads. Otherwise, I have to keep it low, because I've seen very ugly accidents due to...
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    How many listen to music while they ride???

    I do, and all the time! Just have to be careful to put low volume, if not then I can't notice any noise from the bike or the road, like cars and motorcycles. Also, is better to listen to music without lyrics, it tends to be more relaxing, or at least it seems to me that way.
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    Chocolate Milk as a recov drink

    Ohhh Ovaltine, we have it here like Ovomaltine. That brings me flashbacks when I was a kid, and used to have it for breakfast, delicious. We have another one that's really good and has a lot of vitamins added, it's called Toddy, and it really is a power house. A good shot of Toddy shake, and you...
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    What's the craziest thing you've seen while riding?

    That was shocking indeed! I've seen crazy things while riding, but this is one of the best. I've only seen a pregnant mom and her 2 kids riding together, one of the kids pedaling with her, and the other one in a big basket on the back, but not a mom welcoming her kid.
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    What's your plans for next month?

    Man, I've been trying to do that since long ago. Just like you, I've been doing this and that to increase my earnings, because I have to help my old parents, and is really hard to get better payment these days. Let's wish each other good luck right? I'm trying to keep the faith and working hard...
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    What's the weirdest hotdog variant you've ever seen or eaten?

    Veggie hot dog made with eggplant. Also, there's an asian place here where you can find lentils hot dog. My sister tried to do some hot dog with tofu, and honestly that was a mess hahaha. So far, my favorite one among those, are the eggplant ones, it's not the same, but at least they taste...
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    What's the healthiest burger made off?

    Tofu doesn't works for burgers, at least that's my opinion. And veggies makes them taste like salad sometimes. What I tend to do is to peel, cut, and cook, some eggplants, blend them, and mix that with wheat, give them burger shape, and that's it, they really taste good. Try them and let me know.