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    Do you guys use this gadget ?

    It's a little device that eliminates the casing loop for your rear deraileur,it uses a little wheel that rolls the shifter cable,that way most of the friction "suposed" to be eliminated,therefore the gear changing is more crisp (this stuff i read on Avid site,they make this little thing). I...
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    Do you guys use this gadget ?

    So it does work then,exellent...i'll see if i can get a couple of them locally,otherwise i'll order two from the States. Thank you. Dan :)
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    Pitlock bike locks...

    I need your guys help,does anyone know where i can buy this locks ?,i'm interested in the one that has locks for the front wheel,rear wheel,seatpost,headset and brake model.On their site they list at 102.90 Euro ! :eek: :eek: :eek: ,i did email them but i got no answer yet as in who sells them...
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    Do you guys use this gadget ?

    The Rollamajig by Avid ?,i guess that this newer ones are made of plastic but the older modeld were made of aluminum,are they any good ?,they are cheap at around $ 7 US on sale .Opinions please :D . Thank you. Dan
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    21 speed still ok?

    I'll try to describe best i can what to look for.With the wheel off the bike look at it closely and if you see two dimples at oposite sides in the front of your cassette (cassette term is mostly used for Freehub...) near the smallest gear with the big nut in the midlle then you got a...
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    Removing a stuck seat post

    If you don't mind going to this trouble i think i may have an idea for you to try...take of your bottom bracket (BB) turn your bike upside-down and spray like crazy anti-seize oil or penetrating oil and leave it like that overnight...the seat post will come out,worth a try :o . Dan
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    21 speed still ok?

    Hi,i was wondering if you're talking about Freewheel or Freehub ?,you see my wife's Specialized that we bought less than a year ago came with a 21 speed Freewheel,i didn't like at all ;it had that crazy clicking sound,only seven speeds and it came with chezzy Alex **** i yanked them...
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    specialized VS. Trek

    They are very comparable;it's like BMW and Mercedes,they have their own atributes but they offer the same quality at their respective levels like BMW 3 series/ C Class Mercedes;BMW 5 series/ E Class Mercedes;BMW 7 series/Mercedes S Class get it :D . So it doesn't matter if it's a...
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    can you use a 9speed crank with an 8speed drive train

    Sure you can,most Shimano Deore or other levels advertise Mega Range 9... :) ,that's totally compatible with your 8 sp drive. Dan :eek:
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    GoOd FiRst BiKe????????

    Trek 4300,this is a decent entry level mountain bike that is praised for it's quality components at a decent price.Try it out,it will impress you and save your pocket :D all at the same time.Another alternative is Specialized Hardrock model. Let us know what you've decided. Dan :)
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    keep popping tubes?

    Try Slime :) sealant. Dan
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    Hard tail vs. soft tail?

    From what i found out from the many bike shops is this; most people that buy full suspension bikes buys them for ...comfort,high tech look.Full suspension bikes are also known as DH or down hill...why you ask ?,try go on a steep hill on a bike with rear'll die :mad: ! oh if...
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    Seat Post shims

    Guess what ? same problem with the same bike.I bought the Thomson seatpost that actually is a 27.2 (they don't cater to Trek one bit :eek: ) and i shimed with a shim that brought it to 29.2 (indeed a very odd size,i heard that more than once,or the guy over the phone will be like ...are you sure...
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    My rear deraileur was switching the gears for me

    Hey guys today i went bibking with a friend and i noticed that my rear gears were switching all by themselfes... :rolleyes: ,i understand mechanics but what it the heaven is causing this to happen.The rear deraileur is a Deore LX,the bike is practically new.I checked the cables and they apear to...
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    Mountain biking lights

    I use a Cat Eye HL-EL 300 (5 L.E.D. opticube) in combination with a Cat Eye HL-500 (Halogen) and we love them (i got them on my Trek and the wife has the same on her Specialized),they put out good light;the LED one is aimed for high beam and the halogen for low and they lit up the road or trail...