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    What are the best anti-theft tricks around?

    heheehe.....i got a 120 pound anti bike thief that strolls the yard and comes with me for his trot !....i lock the bike up.....or leave it unlocked........what's the matter ? don't like Dogs ???........hehehehehe.......go ahead !, make HIS day ! , i Forgot to feed him this morning ! :cool:
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm From Kelowna , British Columbia , and hobby in building Bikes , and Flight Sims........Just uploaded some pics of my latest adventure......A Rocky Mountain Custom RM6'll find it in the forums under Rocky Mountain RM6 , and in the MTB Photos.....i purchsed the frame from a guy in...
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    Rocky Mountain RM6

    Well ! , it's all done and here she is !! Enjoy !! , Comments Appreciated !! :)
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    Rocky Mountain RM6

    Thank's for the info, it is gonna go ALONG way in getting me the correct Derailleur i need , you are right , i need the Top Pull, with the bottom bracket ., it isn't neccesarily the bottle braze that's in the way, but not enough room between where it clamps onto and the sprocket , and not low...
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    Rocky Mountain RM6

    Well.......Hi Gang , it's been awhile, and yes , i did take it out and it was sweet !!........key word.......being see.........wife had a baby andwe needed a little better transportation then 2 wheels so it got traded in for 4 wheels and some cash back my way ! so it...
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    Rocky Mountain RM6

    Hi Gang , just wondered if anyone could give me some sort of review on the Rocky Mountain RM6 Bike . I recently Purchased a used one for $1200. Cdn . and don't know too much about them . Thank's !!:)