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    Data points for determining Delta efficiency using power and VO2

    Yeah, a little esoteric, but I know there are a few lurking that know what I'm talking about. I work with power with my clients, and work with a partner who tests VO2 max. I'd like to add mechanical efficiency and delta efficiency to the metrics that are tested and measured. VO2 max, on...
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    Racing & Training with a Powermeter - Strength training comments

    Boy! I'd have to rate that post as about an 8-10 on the Borg Scale of Perceived Condescension. I'm sure you're a fine coach, and by all means continue practicing a system that works for your athletes, but I've found that these types of internet arguments are less an endeavor in knowledge...
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    Racing & Training with a Powermeter - Strength training comments

    Disagree. There's indeed a benefit to having overall strength and balance throughout the kinetic chain. Everyone, regardless of whether they're cyclists or not, should be working to maintain functional strength and correcting muscle imbalances and postural abnormalities. Another factor...
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    I want hybrid display settings

    I remember when this place was almost a ghost town invaded by spam bots. I'm liking the new forum software and I'm venturing out from the power training forum, but I'm trying to find the display settings that allow me to view the thread in hybrid form. Any help?
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    Is muscle hypertrophy ever useful for cyclists?

    I think that reasoning has been taken to the extreme. It's just simply counter intuitive and is counter to nearly every known real world example. If a track sprinter's discipline places an emphasis on maximum force generation, then he needs the muscle cross section, actin/myosin bridges and...
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    Large Front Panniers?

    I've done longer tours with front bags and also had my touring bike set up as a "heavy bike" training mule with sand bags as weights in the front and rear. I don't really mind the slower steering with weight up front if I'm using lowrider racks. It's more important that you have the weight...
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    powertap computer not downloading to WKO

    It was fine the other day when I downloaded a file. I double checked that the right USB port was chosen. It's sometimes finicky about loading WKO then connecting the computer to the cradle, but I checked that. Was wondering if the cradle is going bad, but I just tried a download with my...
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    Ascension rates and power outputs

    Not contesting....and I agree with you, and find Lemond's idea of using power improvement as a way to red flag potential cheaters as flawed for this reason, as well as a host of others.
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    Tour De France Power files and WIN a Free SRM!

    Bummer! Apparently I need the new version of WKO to read the file.
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    Ascension rates and power outputs

    Who is responsible for that 6.4 W/Kg 1 hour effort? Boardman? One of Lemond's arguments is that the levels of performance of top level cyclists exceed the highest theoretical VO2 max levels that a human can achieve. I don't know that he's enough of an authority in exercise physiology to say...
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    Power Training and Exercise Physiology

    Nice work. One question: when you describe you interval sessions as, say for example, 4x2x2, what does the last digit represent? I'm assuming sets, but maybe rest interval....not sure. 320 FTP.....what's your weight?
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    Power Zones - WKO - Garmin..

    Yeah....level 7 is your all-out sprint not really lasting more than 15 seconds. You tested for your max heart rate to use that number as a reference point. Most HR based zone plans use max HR as the reference. Now you need to test for your FTP. Find that and get a number, then you can make...
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    Calculating watts/kg from VAM

    This had me thinking about a local off-road climb I've been doing for years (Harding Truck just re-opened after being closed due to fires). My best time is 1:01, and obviously I'd like to break the 1 hour mark. Aside from a "fudge factor" for off-road rolling resistance, what's a...
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    Climbing economics, sitting or standing

    Ah.... arguing on the internet. Shall we just get out the tape measures and the dirty magazines now, or posture some more? ...which is why I don't constantly look at it. When it's particularly stochastic based on terrain, the moment by moment information it gives you is pretty meaningless...
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    Climbing economics, sitting or standing

    Although I think Mitosis chooses the wrong words when he describes "immediate feedback", but I understand what he's trying to say and it has merit to some degree. I think the continued value of using HR for certain applications is precisely because its feedback is not least it...