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    Burley Riders (LWB/CLWB)- Need Advice

    I have had a Burley Canto for about three or four years. I love mine. Granted, I keep it in SWB mode 95% of the time. But it seems to be a pretty good bike. But I ould discount the Tour Easy. There is a reason it has survived as long as it has in the 'bent market when other makers have come and...
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    Fairings - Zzipper or Mueller

    Anyone who has used both (preferrably) or anyone about the two companies on who to go with?
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    Pantour Hubs on both?

    Does anyone use Pantour Hubs on the front and the back? Or is the front just the critical one on an SWB?
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    Zephyr Seats and Big Guys

    The Zephyr is pretty new. I haven't actually heard of anyone who has tried it.
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    Craig Calfee's side of the story

    I echo Tom's sentiment of thanks for the explanation too often we as a curious species take threads of truth and yards of rumors to make a lop-sided conclusion. I appreciate your candidness.
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    recumbent advice for a newbie

    Very good and close to home. I am 5'11' but I weighed 260 or so when I first started recumbents. But I have an issue still. I exercised like crazy on the bent and after 4 or 5 years of riding one guess what? I am still 260. My doctor told me I am bulking up. I am visibly slimmer but my fat has...
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    Why are Euro bikes so heavy?

    Take a long look at them though. The bikes are made for transportation...not just sport. Also note that a lot of Euro bikes use suspension too. Some even come with or equipped to run lightning systems too.
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    I gotta brand new bag!

    SWEET BAGS! I have seen other bags made by Arkel. They are the best panniers for the money, IMHO.
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    I'm a bad boy

    Well at least your are getting to ride! I am thinking of buying one of those for my wife and I for when we travel. Like you, I do not relish the fact of riding an upright, but it beats walkin!
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    Fast Recumbent

    For a really fast bike you would have to go higher in price. Here are some good ones to look at: - RANS Velocity Squared - Burley Canto or Django - RANS V-Rex - Vision R-40 series - Bacchetta Giro These are not particularly real speed demons but they are decent speed steeds. I can hold a 19mph...
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    RCN Cover Boy

    Not to downplay this or anything but I am pictured in this year's Burley catalog. :)
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    crystal engineering speed ross

    For pics, type in "Speed Ross" on this website:
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    Rotor Crank..what is it ?

    I saw one of these at the Hotter 'n Hell 100 this year. It is a very interesting system. I cannot speak intelligently about what it does so I will not try. Several people locally own them and think their MPH has increased about 2-3mph
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    SUN SWB Availability

    I e-mailed them about a month ago about the tadpole. They told me all their new models will be out about July. Isn't it silly to not introduce them at the first of spring instead of the middle of summer?
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    MS15 Houston - Austin

    Hi Scoot: If you have never done an MS150 ride, be prepared for a treat. I did the one in Oklahoma last year and had a blast! I plan on doing it again too.