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    Did You Ride Today?

    I can lose my Garmin signal riding down a tree lined road.
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    Please recommend a bicycle tough enough to handle 35mph?

    Yeah, trikes and bents are very fast because they are low and very aerodynamic. If you want a bike that is really fast, invest in a Velomobile. I know of a guy, who rides his on the highway with cars, it can go that fast. Most people think he's driving a battery operated hybrid. Then there's...
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    Tennessee rider hit by car on video

    Yeah, I saw this on FB. I had to play Devil's Advocate on that one, and I'm afraid, I started a firestorm on the local cycling group, there. I know it's legal to "take the lane" on what cyclists consider narrow road ways, but I asked the question whether this rider would have been hit had he and...
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    Does Anyone Use An Anti-theft Gps Device?

    I've been gone awhile from this forum and late to this discussion, but here's a unique lock you could use to protect your bike. View:
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    Banning Night Riding

    I'm a randonneur and have a headlight mounted on the outside skewer on my front wheel as well as a blinkie tail light. When we ride night rides, we always sport a reflective vest as well as ankle reflectors. We have also been told to use a solid red light on the rear of our bikes vs. the...
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    Did You Ride Today?

    Yeah, they're talking rain for me this weekend. I have a 150k I'm scoping out to enter as a RUSA ride, and try as I might, I can't get a decent day, much less a weekend to make sure everything is as I say it is in Ride with GPS. If you're riding that much, who's doing the farm chores, your wife?
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    Did You Ride Today?

    I haven't posted in some time. I had to look up this place to see which one it was I used to post, since I'm a member at 3 sites. I'm sorry to hear about your recent accident, J. Huskey. I had a dog take me down once, my left arm got crushed as well as a pelvis fracture. That was in 2005 or so...
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    Getting rusa to approve a submitted ride

    I'm told that all you need to do is submit a cue sheet of the ride route, showing the controls and start and stop times as well as a map of the route. Folks use the Ride with GPS app. I have submitted 3 rides so far, but the third one has hit a snag, just because there is a discrepancy between...
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    Jehovah's Witnesses, do they cycle? :D

    Then it must be true that JW's cycle since you have taken offense by having your toes stepped on. Keep on peddling that Witch Tower. If you distribute at least 10,000 more you might be able to get one foot into the gates, whereas had you read the Bible, it would have told you that all you needed...
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    What Is Your Resting Morning Heart Rate?

    When the alarm goes off, it scares me so badly, that my heart rate jumps up to 170.
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    Jehovah's Witnesses, do they cycle? :D

    How do you ram anything down a kneck? What's a kneck?
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    Did You Ride Today?

    What has happened to the Bean Man? He started this thread and is missing in action. Anybody heard from him, lately?
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    Dismounting from your bike

    If it's a warm day, I started getting a hot foot and definitely have to get off the bike to get the circulation going again in my foot. I don't see how a lot of randonneurs do these long rides without getting off until a control comes up. I get stiff and have to take a breather off the bike.
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    Dismounting from your bike

    You mentioning massaging your legs reminds me of an amusing incident that happened several years ago. We were all out doing a club ride. I stopped alongside the road to talk to one of my team mates. I mentioned that his wife would be along shortly, since she had stopped at the car dealership...
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    Jehovah's Witnesses, do they cycle? :D

    We should have a special thread on cults and relate them to bicycles. There are those who look at the Catholic Church as a cult.