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    Repainting Aluminum Frame

    It can. DO NOT acid dip an alloy frame!
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    Repainting steel bike

    Hi. Good project. I've painted a number of frames. Frame; Take everything off it. Sand to bare metal. You don't need a particularly fine grit - 320 wet and dry will do well and you'll only need a couple of sheets. Spray primer - I use a compressor and tinned paint but I guess you'll use a...
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    Does your place of work have a specific place to put your bike?

    I work from HOME ;-) so yes!
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    What size threads do these have?

    Hi. I want some more for my Saronni and TEAM Raleigh Ii'm restoring. Are they 3mm or 3/6th ? Sorry - I couldn't load the file. They're rear dropout adjusting screws made by Campagnolo. I would've thought they'd be 3mm for Campy dropouts and 3/16th for the Raleigh ones.
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    Mike hall rip

    A terrible loss but as he always wore BLACK it would be easy for a driver to miss seeing him and, as in this case hit him. Light, movement and COLOUR - it works for shop displays (having managed retail) and cyclists.
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    Racing throws cold reality on training

    You're right. I'm racing every Thursday night and it really sorts out who really has the lungs up the hills and the legs on the flats. The people who're ok training are soon off the back. I train at a pretty slow speed - partly because my training bikes are slow and I'm not there to show off...
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    What carbon bottle cages does everyone like the best?

    I use Wiggles cheapest Lifeline cages on three of my bikes. The other bikes have alloy cages too. They're great - cheap, light and look fine. Agree with what others have said re carbon cages - waste of $.
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    I want a bike camera

    I've got a Fly6 - great for recording vehicles coming at me from behind too close so I can do Police complaints about them.
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    Mirror options advice

    I've ridden with helmet mirrors for about 20 years. They're great and I wouldn't ride / race without one.
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    Aero wheels in bunches??

    I agree with you. I've never had carbon wheels but I've had many sets of alloy and inspecting them thoroughly has always paid off for me. I asked my bike mech. about the carbon ones - he said basically the same as you. They've hardly been used (maybe 500kms) too so like new.
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    How much should i pay for a cycling helmet?

    I didn't type anything about lights. I typed about "BRIGHTEST" and although its not clear to you I meant COLOUR. A bright green (dayglo say) helmet will be more visable than a grey or black one.
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    Aero wheels in bunches??

    We're about to start the Summer race season (the Winter race season is starting to finish!) here in NZ. I'm going to be doing some short but hilly races every Thursday night and hopefully I can continue racing into the Winter. I have some race wheels - ex China - 1360gms with pretty light...
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    How much should i pay for a cycling helmet?

    Buy the BRIGHTEST helmet you can. You want to be seen and as a helmet is the highest point its likely to be seen from a long way.
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    First time hill climb event

    Any weight you can lose off your body is a bonus - less weight you're pulling up the hill, less gut pushing on your diaphram as you're breathing and effectively less oxygen needed for fat cells. I'm doing the fourth of four hillclimb races next Sunday (much shorter than yours) and leading to...
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    How to build my bike?

    Did you even READ what I wrote?! I have many of the parts already.