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    Cycling to work and hairstyles

    I keep my hair short for this very reason! I buzz it on a weekly basis to a number 3 clipper. My girl is always on my about growing it out and styling it. But I ride bikes and motorcycle so I'm always wearing a helmet, hence short hair is necessary for my lifestyle.
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    I hate sunscreen, but I spend a lot of time in the damned sun. So I just buy very light long sleeved shirts and long pants. It keeps the sun off me and I don;t have to worry about reapplying sunblock every darn hour.
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    Great Article On Why Driving Is The Worst Way To Get To Work.

    I'm coming to realize that community-owned self driving electric are probably the coming solution to this problem.
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    Rip the front derailleur Now that was fun.
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    Launchers for Android?

    haha good call. I have rooted a bunch of phones and never had an issue, idk what you would have to do to actually wreck the thing. Then again if your trying to mess with a phone that you can't afford to lose... well that's your own fault.
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    Did You Ride Today?

    Oh yes I remember you talking about you bike dealing days up here. Would love to get my hands on a classic like that! Are they are to find parts for now a days?
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    Best bike for an 8 yr old girl..

    Do you have an ownership position in Strider? Why are you pushing them so much? They are also known as "balance bikes" and are not new, they have been around longer then training wheels are are complete waste of money, just a big gimmick. You can just remove the pedals from any bike and boom you...
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    Who posted this? HAD to be a joker from this forum. If not we need to track them down get them on here.
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    Did You Ride Today?

    Someone knows his beer! I went and re-read what I wrote and boy did I screw that up. Today's garage check shows we enjoys a variety of beverages. Most of which were either from the Amsterdam Brewery or the Muskoka brewery. We know a few things about beer. The craft scene south of the border is...
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    Did You Ride Today?

    I did today! Me and two friends put down a few KM's until it started snowing wtf is that non-sense. So it was back to the garage for some rock and roll music, ketchup flavored potato chips and Amsterdam twice as mad tom IPA. Bikes are clean, brains a little foggy.
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    Helmets For All? Or Just Some?

    This is hilarious, All this hoopla over helmets. Keep it coming guys come on it's a slow night at work.
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    Best bike for an 8 yr old girl..

    No it's not. WTF does a bike have to do with TV and checking messages. My mom brought me a bike with training wheels and let me loose in the backyard. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes kids need to learn and do things on their own without people hovering over them. Sometimes they have to fall...
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    Why do you commute to work?

    How else am I supposed to get their??? Oh you must mean by bike. Mostly because I am cheap and gas is expensive.
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    Are we really the last generation of Human on Earth?

    Na we got a solid 3-5 generations left before our destruction of the biosphere wipes most humans of the face of the earth. But then either corporations will evolve into sentient A.I. or the super rich will become cyborgs. The future is going to be gnarly.