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    Upgrades to entry level MTBs and Comfort Bikes

    And not only that, the bike looks great too!
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    Cell SS100 vs Giant CRX4

    Great photo shoot George, I'll drop by and check it out. I'm guessing it's a single-speed freewheel hub bike. All you need is a Brooks B17 narrow saddle to complete the project! What's a BOYD? Bike Of Your Dreams?
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    Cell SS100 vs Giant CRX4

    I didn't do TGBR in 2007... I went in 2005 & 2006. Your 1:49 is very good, much better than what I did last year (windy conditions). Just think how much better you would have done with more sleep, less grog and a better bike!!!! This year, I did a leisurely ride with a group of locals up...
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    flat-bar hybrid $400 range

    What make & model mountain bike is it? How about fitting a set of narrow slick tyres to your mountain bike for road use? Otherwise a Giant CRX4 (FCR4?) is probably a good choice between cost and something good for the road.
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    Which bike should I choose from my list?

    They all look pretty good. That Cannondale looks really groovy... what's the price? Another one to consider is the Shogun Mach 3 ... not badly priced, however not as 'elite' as the others you mentioned. More info: Gee, I really like...
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    Cell SS100 vs Giant CRX4

    I've got Shimano M324's on my CRX4. They're a 'combo' pedal; clipless on one side and standard on the other. They cost me $99 for the pair. I think these pedals are worth the money, much better than the $35 Wellgo equivalent. . Get yourself a stem riser like this...
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    Cell SS100 vs Giant CRX4

    Sorry, I was mistaken about the shoe/pedal deal. The specials was for mountain bike riders, hence the M424, not the M324 pedals. Anyway, the specials vary from time to time, but you can always check: for the latest offers. I've ridden through Bicton...
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    Cell SS100 vs Giant CRX4

    What size tyres are you on? 700C-28 or narrower? I upgraded mine to the Conti Gatorskins; 700C-23 and they go really well. They roll wel, yet don't transmit too much vibration back through the bars when on coarse road surfaces. Yes, flat-bar bikes are excellent in that way. That's the main...
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    Cell SS100 vs Giant CRX4

    Well done! Nice bike. With a bit of leg power, that sprocket combination would have you rolling along pretty quickly.
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    Get the bike that you like the look of . If you love the look of it, you'll want to ride it more, so you'll get fitter and go faster. Bianchis look good! If you've got your mind set on one, follow your passion!
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    Cell SS100 vs Giant CRX4

    'Recognised' brands have their advantages, especially as brand names become strong keywords for internet shoppers, (eg, Quokka, eBay, etc). If you buy an obscure brand, you'll have a hard time selling it (unless you fit a Brooks saddle on it!) because people just don't take much notice of...
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    Really Cheap Full Carbon With Shimano Ultegra Bike Review

    I'd like to see Cell offer decent flat bar road bikes beyond the SS100. For example, why not offer the 'Swift' as a flat-bar, with decent rapid-fire shifters, put on a triple front sprocket, give it a name and price it at $699 delivered! :-) I'll be the first to order!
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    Road bike and Mountain bike?

    Giant Boulder fitted with Continental City Contact road tyres.
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    Narrowed it down to 2...

    Shogun Mach2 & Mach3 look good for the price. Could be hard to come by, as not a lot of LBS stock Shogun as it seems. Also check out the Giant 2008 versions of the CRX3, CRX2 and CRX1.
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    Help with choosing a bike

    Yes, I fully agree there. Even a mountain bike with road tyres will be comfy and fast enough for the task.