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    Cannondale synapse or bianchi oltre? help

    Those are two very different bikes in regards to their intended use and geometry.
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    Pinarello Razhak Vs. Cannondale Synapse 105

    You might like to try the Rokh as well. Same geometry, better carbon. Love mine - though have never ridden a Synapse.
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    Announcing Wko4 For Mac!

    Downloaded it. Impenetrable. I can't even work out how to get 4 years worth of (power) data into it. To be honest, after all this time of waiting to get it on a Mac, and thinking that it couldn't be less user-friendly than Golden Cheetah ... how wrong I was.
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    Polarized training

    Much discussion - and dispute - around this on the Wattage group. Hard to know what to make of it to be honest. I've done VO2Max work as a way of bringing on a peak, but would be nervous about building all of my training just around Polarised work.
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    Repair crack to head tube of aluminum cycle frame?

    FWIW, I wouldn't be throwing a leg over any bike with a crack in the frame. This after I broke my collarbone when I came down on a smooth, straight road, for no apparent reason - and subsequently discovered a hairline crack in the head-tube of my aluminium frame. Also, FWIW, have...
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    GP 4000 S(hit)...

    Some generalisations washing around here, without much to back them up. GP4000s's since they came out, i.e. a number of years. 10K km per year, on a lot of pretty rough forest roads. I get well over 5000 km per pair, and have never in that time had a single puncture, much less side-wall...
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    How much training to do in week leading into two-day split 220km & Moutain Climb

    Taper. 100 km now isn't going to help you, the idea is (big) reduction in quantity, but not in quality. Halve (at least) what you normally do, then a couple of days off leading into the weekend.
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    Training w/o Power Meter

    I'm not sure that Power meters are all that expensive. I picked up a new Powertap G3 Hub for around $400, not much more than a standard, decent quality rear hub. I'd try and do it. I trained for years with HR, but nothing has helped as much as getting the Powertap. You just have so much...
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    What is the conceptual, physiological basis for NP calculation?

    No it wouldn't. In any case, in response to the OP, all nicely covered in post #2 above: "The aim is provide a more accurate way to track the physiological cost of your efforts." Which it does - and which is all it's trying to do.
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    What software for power meter?

    Nowhere in the programs based on Coggan (and other's) research is it recommended to "ride day after day, month after month doing SST, SST and more SST". Though I suspect you know that already.
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    Really low FTP? - ~ 100 w. Anyone else?

    Even on 4 hours a week, you'll see progress - and if you're consistent, fairly solid progress, especially over the first 6 months or so. When I started back a few years ago, could hardly even get round the block. It will come.
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    Older 2008 carbon bike or newer 2012 slightly cheaper aluminium?

    I'd take the 2008 carbon any day. Better bike, better ride. Also, the carbon bike has better components (105/Ultegra is a step up from Sora etc..
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    Tour De France 2013

    I regret even trying to engage you in discussion. Not only are your assumptions wrong, you can't even get your facts right. A rider who finishes 1 minute down on Cancellara in a World Championship ITT all the way back in 2005 is not someone who "could not compete with the best riders in a ITT".
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    Tour De France 2013

    What are you talking about. For his first "real" road season, Wiggins was 4th in the 2009 TDF while at Garmin. Brailsford has already commented on how remarkable Froome's performance was at the Commonwealth Games in 2006, when he was riding for Kenya as an amateur. Clean cycling doesn't...
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    CycleOps Powercal - Power Tap heart strap power meter v Power Tap hub meter?

    I for one am having trouble following what you're posting. What is the 5% that you're referring to? There's no mention of 5% anywhere earlier in the thread, so .... ??? Now you're introducing the above ... but in reference to what exactly? Once again, there's nothing in the thread that I can...