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    Home Trainers how to prevent the boredom?

    I love dance music. I put that on my system and train away. With thta I can spend up to 2 hours at a stretch.
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    irda and S720 question...

    I have a 710. The connection with my PC is through the COM2 port and it works just fine. Initially it did not but that was becuase I was using the wrong port reference
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    Campy vs. Shimano

    I have used Shimano for all of the three years that I have been riding. I have a 105 on my old Giant TCR. This has served me well with no complaints whatsoever. I have done ~15,000kms on the bike and all I have changed are cassettes and chains. I recently got a Colnago CTB with Dura ace on it (I...
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    Douglas Ryder vs. Malcolm Lange

    For all the rivalry talk, when on Sunday,during the Argus, Malcolm punctured and there was no team car, the wheel he got was from Douglas. Those guys still have quite some professionalism in them.
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    Argus 2003 - Results and Discussions

    I wonder if I would do the Argus again. The day started off with me doing a warm up on the road to cyclelab and back. I was feeling strong. Then headed to the start I had a blow out. Checked the tyre to see if there were debris. None. :confused: Put in a new tube and used a bomb to pump it (I...
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    So, After the Argus what next?

    As usual the Argus has come and gone. PBs have been made :D and missed :mad:. Now comes the downer, the feeling that there had to be more in the race than you got. Maybe doesn't happen to everyone but it does to me. The question whatever be the case is, what next?.:confused: For me the...
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    SuperCycling Edenvale

    Sam estory for me. I started in the B bunch. Got dropped by the leaders but stayed with the main bunch. Eventually had to start doing a lot of work as just like 3/4 of us were willing to do anything - on a stretch where on my club ride we go at +/- 40km/hr, the bunch was doing 32! Well I paid...