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    Do Retail Chains Carry Recumbent Shorts?

    This thread is the last straw for me. All posts in the thread have had the posters' names changed, including two of mine. There was no response when I reported the problem to a moderator, so I can only conclude that it was done with full admin knowledge. Further, I went back in my history and...
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    Finding Riding A Recumbent Trike Rather Cold

    Hopefully your cold-weather symptoms have gotten better as the season has progressed. If I may make a few observations. 1. You've been inactive for months. Along with muscle loss, you probably have lost aerobic fitness. Getting the ticker going will make a big difference in how warm you are...
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    MASA Slingshot - For Sale or Trade

    The original post was in 2007. The Masa Slingshot is a historical piece, not much more. It was meant as the basis for a racing class of recumbent trikes, which never took off. For actual riding, you'd be much better off with a used modern-era trike.
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    Finding Riding A Recumbent Trike Rather Cold

    I've always found that I'm warmer on a bent. If you find you need more protection, you can always get a fairing.
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    Considering a trike?

    I got my first bent in 1997. The thing with trike evengelists is, they're super-evangelists trying to convert everyone, including the regular evangelists. I know all about trikes but I'm not really interested. What I see is the TEs (Trike Evangelists) is, all the stuff about comfort that they...
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    How Many Recumbent Cyclists Do We Currently Have?

    Based on the number of views, I'd say a few are around still. I only swing through once every 2-4 weeks. There's rarely any new traffic. This site was never exactly bustling, but for a while the mods gave it over to the spammers and chased all the long-time 'benters away and they've never come...
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    Fastest Trike

    This forum is pretty dead, mostly due to mod neglect in the past. Everyone moved away when the spammers moved in. You'd have better luck going over to to ask questions. I'll try, but I'm not a trike person. Velos are the fastest trikes. But they're heavy - 60 - 75 pounds...
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    Why People Don't Buy Recumbents

    Since this thread started, 6 1/2 years ago, lowracers haven't gotten any easier to find or buy. But Highracers seem to have taken over the 2-wheel portion of the bent world. A highracer with dual-700C wheels and a carbon seat can be more than fast enough, and mix better with upright bikes.
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    Max side load of a 20 inch rim?

    From what I can read, it looks like nobody knew the answer back then, either.
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    How Cold and Wet Does It Have To Be Before you Cancel A Bike Ride?

    When I bicycle commuted, I'd ride no matter what the weather. I think my coldest ride to work was -10F or thereabouts. For recreational rides, though... it has to be above freezing at ride start, and dry.
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    Introducing Myself

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    need parts for revive

    If you can't get the parts from a Giant dealer, I'd say the next step is to look for something similar from a brand that might make something similar. Exactly what parts are you looking for?
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    Veiligheid op de fiets!

    Dutch: We do a research for improving cycling clothing. Particularly in the area of ​​safety. Imagine that in the fall of Johnny Hoogerland the damage was restricted by the use of better protection. We would like to get together. And ask for a little of your time. By clicking on...
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    New Bacchetta Strada For Sale!!!

    I've often said that you need a better reason to get a recumbent other than just curiosity. The reason being, they are SO different from uprights that some degree of dedication is required to learn them. Even getting one for the potential speed benefit isn't enough, because the speed doesn't...
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    of all the moronic nanny-state nonsense...

    I'm not a Strava user, but how would they know which routes are dangerous so they could remove them? Other than post-accident, that is.