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    Broke my collar bone...

    What is ironic is that in my 4 years of racing I never had a major accident or injury. Just past 2 weeks on my way to riding back home from work on the Brooklyn bridge, NYC, I brushed against a clueless and mindless pedestrian and lost my balance as a result. Hit hard on my right shoulder. I...
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    Block training and VO2max workouts

    Based on my experience and what Timan mentioned, you would need AT LEAST 3 days off the bike. You can get away with it with only 2 days. Riding on the third day may restrict your intensity to zone 2 or zone 3.
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    I think I'm burnt out, now what?

    For me, usually, when my mind tries to give me excuses not to race or train in a particular day. :) I know I would be in need of some recovery.
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    What's your CTL ceiling?

    Yeah, really don't have much time to train. Doing a 3 day block targeting specific race fitness system since Feb. 1 race day. Maybe 1 medium intensity ride during the middle of the week About 600+TSS. I stopped commuting so that I can make my training ride matters and have more time to...
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    What's your CTL ceiling?

    With a 40 hours full time job in the video gaming retail industry, 65 top. Mostly due to my inability to recover as fast as I want to after a 200tss session. Sure, if I can knock off 3 consecutive days of 200tss each, I can probably have a higher CTL. Age 33.
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    Matches found in MatchWKO. Do they look right?

    Today was the NYC Empire Olympic game qualifier. The top 10s or 20s are qualified to compete in the NY Empire State Olympic game. Basically, 74 miles around a 3.25 miles park loop. Madness?? Insane??? Don't know but each lap there is a quarter of a mile long 5% grade climb. Rougly 22 laps...
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    Power Training burnout?

    It hasn't happened yet. I don't have a lot of time to ride. When I ride, I train. I target specific race fitness system. If I feel too tired to ride, I don't ride. I participate in another hobbies such as video gaming and, recently, photography.
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    DHEA..........just curious...

    Yes, the side effects scare me. I couldn't believe you can actually buy HGH in a pill form like some over the counter "supplements." As least these companies selling HGH marketing HGH as supplements. Well, I think I have to get better naturally. :)
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    DHEA..........just curious...

    Hey, I am taking 4 days of rest before my next training cycle. Got some free time and digging through the web. Reflected on my previous race files and data........ I know DHEA is a banned sustance in pro level cycling. The "supplement" has been used to prevent or to reverse the aging...
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    Do these training hours count?

    I just commute once a week. Maybe twice the most. I learned my lesson from last year about commuting. You can rackup high TSS per week but it really didn't make me a stronger racer.
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    Do these training hours count?

    Nah, the commute would only earn me 1 CTL point the most. 110TSS round trip the most.
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    Arch cleats??

    Thoughts and opinions?? I just read through a section in Cyclingnews about pushing your cleats at the midfoot section you can get 10% to 15% pedaling efficiency. Most shoes can't have the cleats pushed that far back.
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    Do these training hours count?

    Personally, I only commute to warm up my body to prepare for the first day of my 3 day block training. Or just to maintain my CTL until the beginning of my 3 day block cycle. Otherwise, personally, I don't see any benefit in commuting. The effort isn't continuous because of frequent stops...
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    What makes one rider having more AWC???

    Thanks Andy. :)
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    What makes one rider having more AWC???

    I was just thinking about the Jiminy Peak race I did this past Sat. Overall I didn't exert any unnecessary energy during the race, cat4 field. My average power shows it. I burnt 16 matches with 1 minute duration. They were 120%+ of my FT. If I had 2 more matches to burn before the final...