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    30 Days - NO BEER

    Wow, congratulations on the success! It seems like you not only succeeded on getting more fit but also in cutting a horrible habit. You should be proud of yourself :) it is honestly impressive.
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    How do you solve the hunger issues?

    Finding healthy snacks is a great suggestion. However, when I try having small, frequent meals throughout the day I eat more than I should. I think this is mostly due to how I typically eat. I like feeling full after a meal and eating a lot. Moreover, when I begin eating I have difficulties...
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    Taking Care Of The Bike After The Rain

    I may sound silly asking this, but is there a certain kind of oil you use? Also, should you do this regularly even when it is not raining?
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    Buy The Bike In A Specialized Store!

    I originally bought mine in a supermarket. Luckily, I had no issues with it. I would still recommend buying it in a specialized store, though. People who work there tend to be more knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. They want to leave the customer equipped well and with a bicycle...
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    Taking Care Of The Bike After The Rain

    I probably do not do as much as I should. I quickly wipe it off and let it finish drying on its own in my garage. I've never heard of treating it with some kind of ointment or the like.
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    Supplements that produce physiological adaptaions?

    Why do you cycle on and off with creatine rather than take it regularly every day?
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    Do You Think Cycling Can Be As Popular As The Other Major Sports In The U.s.?

    Gladly, that doesn't exist albeit it would be insane to watch nor do I think it would ever exist :D
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    Biking In Winter?

    Oh wow, this is somewhat discouraging :unsure: were the tires on your bicycle not appropriate for the weather conditions?
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    Hobbies Besides To Cycling?

    I like to engage in other forms of exercise such as jogging and weight lifting. Other than that I thoroughly enjoy learning. I research subjects of my interest or try to expand my knowledge in other subjects as well. I write and read too which naturally relates to what I research most of the...
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    Pricing Used Bikes

    Like everyone else has said in this forum, it depends on the condition of the bicycle. This is the general rule for any used product, though. I would suggest inspecting the bicycle before you make the actual purchase. If the seller is unwilling or hesistant to comply then there is something...
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    Do You Think Cycling Can Be As Popular As The Other Major Sports In The U.s.?

    Well, I do not believe any sport was particularly conceived to entertain an audience; they were developed as a means to entertain those who played. People watching from the sidelines naturally resulted.
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    Bike Trails Unsafe?

    Well, it is not like where I live is very high in crime. On the contrary, it is known as a fairly quiet town. The trail does lead into a few towns that have a poor reputation. However, I figured most trails necessitated caution for the reason of potential perpentraters. They are usually not...
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    Guide To Cycling The above link is to an inforgraph I found educational and easy to read. It identifies the parts of a bicycle, health benefits of cycling, and different types of bicycles. It isn't...
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    Do You Think Cycling Can Be As Popular As The Other Major Sports In The U.s.?

    That's exactly right. Cycling lacks the entertaining appeal that basketball, football, tennis, etc. has. There is little interaction amongst competitors.
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    Is Wearing A Reflector Necessary During The Day Or At Night Only?

    I had no idea you are supposed to use a reflector for day riding too. Maybe I need to take advice from this thread as well. I guess it isn't much of an inconvenience depending on what you have. Plus, it is better safe than sorry.