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    Early 80's Campagnolo Viner Parts Questions

    This is a great update, thank you for posting it! The pictures of the chainrings are interesting for me -- the chainrings of the 1980s seem to have different designs from today's chainrings. That is just an observation. You are doing an excellent job of restoring the bike. Well done! Bob
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    Special Request: Chain Cleaning And Lube Video

    I am using Simple Green myself, and like it a lot more than the expensive Park degreasers/cleaners. Thanks for the videos, I've already seen most of goal with the original post is to see how Cycling Forums members do it. Bob
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    I'm Looking For A $5000 - $6000 Downhill Mountain Bike

    Why not talk to any cyclist in the same sport who has a higher-end bike and see what they recommend. You can also ask the editors of various magazines devoted to the sport, but I suspect they will suggest models they are well paid to recommend. Bob
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    Chain Kept Falling Off, I Tinkered With The Bike Too Much..

    Okay, so I got all the go-to guys wrong. There must be at least one go-to lady as well, in these forums? Seriously, I too need to learn derailleur adjustment. I too will watch the videos and read the manuals. I did advise Uawadall to get the Zinn and Downs books. Thanks a ton! Bob
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    Special Request: Chain Cleaning And Lube Video

    Could one or more of you experienced folks consider posting a YouTube video showing how to do chain cleanings and chain lubes? Yes, I know there are plenty of them already on YouTube, but I wonder how you, the members of Cycling Forums, take care of this task. I wonder how you folks deal with...
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    Chain Kept Falling Off, I Tinkered With The Bike Too Much..

    This is clearly a case for...CampyBob! Having the latest Zinn and Downs books on bicycle repair won't hurt you at all, plus YouTubehas a lot of videos on the topic. Bob
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    Deal Alert: Base Layer Tops

    I'm learning from you guys. And CampyBob, I can just barely, barely remember the Mercury space program. Which was followed by Apollo. You have a way better memory than me. Smartwool, UA, Russell, makes my simple brain spin. I'm learning, and will buy. Bob
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    Make It Right

    The old potential "hand me down" bike can be donated to any number of groups for giving to a child who is genuinely poor and without. Or donate it to a group like Washington Area Bicyclist Association, which has bicycling programs for kids, including giveaway bicycles. Thanks a ton Bob
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    Did You Ride Today?

    Mr. Beanz, those are great pictures. You and Gina make a great team. My best sustained speed must be in the 15 mph range, and that is for a darn short "sustained" time period. I was pretty tired after my 26 miles. I was ready to say uncle too. I spend most of my time now thinking how to dress...
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    Did You Ride Today?

    Volnix, thanks for that! You make me laugh and I need the laughter. I bicycled 26 miles today. 31 degrees Fahrenheit (just below freezing) in the morning, but it warmed up rapidly. I took off my jacket 3 miles into the ride and didn't wear it the rest of the time. I met a new road hazard for...
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    These Bots Are Out Of Hand.

    Hey, CampyBob, I'm glad someone else remembers Curtis! Bob
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    Anyone Using The Kona Wo?

    Is anyone riding a Kona Wo? Particularly in a very urban environment? I'm interested in what you think of the bike, especially the 2014, 2015, and 2016 models. Thanks Bob
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    New Forum Software Being Used?

    I suddenly got 9 emails one after another from a forum user named FrancisBum who wanted me to visit his online betting parlor. When I went to the cycling forums website, though, I couldn't see any trace of FrancisBum's post, so I am guessing your antispam software kicked in and automatically...
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    Riding Bike To Work

    I bicycle 5 miles each way to my office. I change clothes in the rest room without bothering to shower. My office complex does offer employee showers. Who knows how many others have used this stall before me. I think it is a good way to pick up a few unwanted extras from the shower floor: you...
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    Make It Right

    I would get the younger child a brand new bike of his or her own choice. He too deserves his own choices, and should not be required to accept hand-me-downs. Part of growing up is having something of your very own that is new and is just for you and no one else. I'm not talking about just bikes...