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    Photos from 2008 Hanes Park Classic Winston-Salem

    Click here for photos from the Hanes Park Classic Pro 1, 2 Race 2008
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    Photos from Hanes Park Criterium Winston-Salem NC

    Here's a link to some photos from the Hanes Park Classic Criterium, held Sunday, Aug. 5 in Winston-Salem, NC. The race was won by Ivan Dominguez of the Toyota United cycling team. A few samples:
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    My experince with drugs and blood doping

    So we should believe Lemond's insinuations about Armstrong because: 1. Lemond didn't go see Ferrari (is he the only doctor in the world who knows how to dope riders?) :rolleyes: 2. Lemond "didn't get caught" (your words)... :rolleyes: 3. No teammates publicly accused Lemond of doping...
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    My experince with drugs and blood doping

    Why take Lemond's word but not Armstrong's? Maybe EPO was not in use during the Lemond era, but steroids, stimulants and and blood doping were around. (BTW, the first time I heard of blood doping was the '76 Olympics when the Finnish double-gold medal distance runner Lasse Viren was accused of...
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    Empty Champs Elysées 2006?

    I believe that OLN has a contract to continue their coverage for a few more years. There's no guarantee that they will provide such wall-to-wall coverage as in the past few years, but the TDF has been good to OLN so I think they will try to make the best of it even without the benefit of having...
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    TDF Stage 21 - Finale - Photos

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
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    Armstrong press conference cancer announcement

    Lance was top ten in the UCI World Rankings, but definitely not number 1 in the world (though he was definitely number 1 among US riders): Final UCI Rankings for 1996 1 Laurent Jalabert (Fra) ONC 2005.00 2 Alex Zulle (Sch) ONC 1963.00 3 Bjarne Riis (Den) TEL 1565.00 4 Johan Museeuw (Bel) MAP...
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    Tour De Internationale better go back 30 years or so, Crankster, to make your point. Here are the actual top 20 standings from the 1985 Tour: 1. Bernard HINAULT (Fra) en 113h24'23" 2. Greg LeMond (Usa) à 1'42" 3. Stephen Roche (Irl) à 4'29" 4. Sean Kelly (Irl) à 6'26" 5. Phil Anderson (Aus) à 7'44" 6...
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    Empty Champs Elysées 2006?

    I admire Lance as much as anyone and he has done a lot to increase the worldwide appeal of the sport in general and Le Tour in particular. But let's not forget that Le Tour has been around since 1903 and it has been attracting huge crowds throughout France and in Paris for most of the last 102...
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    Some photos from Lance's early career

    Ulle, that's a ticket holder around my neck. :rolleyes: Almost everyone who attends an F1 race (or other major race) wears one of those, because you have to keep showing your ticket in order to pass into restricted (and expensive) seating areas. It's just a convenience so that you don't have to...
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    Some photos from Lance's early career

    Speaking of Beech Mountain (near Boone, North Carolina), I ran across this article by Chris Carmichael that speaks about the significance of this place to Lance's career. Carmichael recounts how Lance almost retired in 1998 but decided to do one more race, the USPRO championship. To prepare for...
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    Some photos from Lance's early career

    Lance won the 1995 Beech Mountain stage ahead of the Polish rider Zenon Jaskula of the AKI-Gipiemme team. Lance also won the 1994 Beech Mt. stage, but he finished 2nd to the Swiss rider Jorg Muller of the Clas team in the 1993 Beech Mt. stage (according to my 1996 Tour du Pont program)...
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    Some photos from Lance's early career

    There's no doubt that today's bikes are better than those of 10-12 years ago in most categories--weight, stiffness, componetry, wheels, etc. Yes, better in all except one category--beauty. Look at the Lampre team's Colnagos in this photo: They...
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    Some photos from Lance's early career

    Now that Mr. Armstrong's great career is over, I decided to take a look back at the beginning of it. So I dug in to my old shoeboxes full of photo prints and pulled out some shots of the young Lance: pre-7 time TDF champion, pre-cancer survivor and pre-legend. I scanned them, cleaned them up a...
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    My photos from Paris-Nice 2005

    I attended the last two days of the Paris Nice race, a finish in Cannes and a start and finish in Nice on the last day. I took some photos which can be seen here: I've been to the Tour de France once and it was a great experience but I enjoyed...