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    New to cycling and need info on indoor trainer

    don't ,,,,,,,,,,,, ride outside you can do it give it a try a group goes out tomorrow low 40's nice weather for here and they will have a blast with out me
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    winter bike

    when do you put the good bike away and pull out the litespeed what are the rules.. for me as soon as they drop rock salt the SEROTTA AE goes away and the litespeed and the power tap come out of the garage and ride in to the 20 degree weather
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    What (in your opinion) is the best bike in the world?

    SEROTTA AE :eek: and its mine
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    new tubulars

    Thanks.... how long can you ride a flat tubular
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    new tubulars

    I'm about to get my new bike it has reynolds MV32UL tubulars these will be my first tubulars What are the big diffrences to clinchers as far as training ... do I need to always carry a extra tire ... should I glue my own tires or should just drop it off at the shop? any othe nuances of...
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    SCHWALBE ULTREMO close call

    wow had a two week old tire bubble up and come apart last night thought a stone had stuck to the tire reached around to clean it off and felt a wobble and a rip in the tire thank God it was a flat ride I raced a crit on those two tires last week right out of the box maybe 3 rides on them I love...
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    Williams wheels

    any one have a discount code for williams wheels please share
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    Ultremo 'R' Tubular

    one site only had pink blue and yellow I ordered blue... I've ordered from three sites
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    Ultremo 'R' Tubular

    i found two sites with the R accourding to Schwalbe North America internet/a website. We have had people find them on Ebay being sold from the Pro teams that had some, but there have been very few made and it would be hard to find.
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    Ultremo 'R' Tubular

    Just callled they are out of stock ... but will look around maybe I need to buy them from a garmin team member
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    Ultremo 'R' Tubular

    I'm looking for but can not find a set or two of Ultremo 'R' Tubular
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    new carbon stiff race custum meivici, bmcand tyleres fuji

    come on someone must have a MeiVici by sorratta??? :mad:
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    new carbon stiff race custum meivici, bmcand tyleres fuji

    I i am making the leap to a new stiff as stiff can be my chocies are Mei Vicia and maybe ther new tyler fuji or a a BMC nmy criteria to my shop is weight then stif..... Ilike the serotta but wiill it be stiff enough if everyone wonoing to big some ok with thta the price tag is g...
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    Garmin Edge 305 problem.

    i had a 305 for 3yrs and have upgrade to the 705 this summer ... try a new cord or reload the driver using the garmin update software