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    was your bike ever stolen?

    Bikes are constantly stolen where I live (in Denmark), it's fairly atrocious, I've mentioned it previously, but sometimes people will just steal a bike to bike like 3 blocks, it's incredibly inconsiderate and pointless
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    Stop Signs

    If there's no cars in sight, of course it makes more sense to just cross instead of waiting at the stop-sign. I mean, of course if you want to follow the law that harshly you can choose to do so, but it seems fairly ridiculous to obey it in cases where theres no reason to
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    Mountain Bikers Are Destroying Colorado!

    It's not just that, it's also when they use narrow paths on which people walk their dogs et cetera, it basically makes for some dangerous situations
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    Do You Think Cycling Can Be As Popular As The Other Major Sports In The U.s.?

    Those bumps in the roads would suddenly be a whole lot more interesting :D
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    I can't afford to do what I love

    It doesn't have to be too expensive, you don't need all the ultra expensive equipment to enjoy the sport unless you're a competitive cyclist, I know people want to optimise, but you have to be responsible and only spend what you can afford, there's no need to throw away the hobby, just use the...
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    Hobbies Besides To Cycling?

    cycling is actually less of a hobby and more of a normal transportation mean for me nowadays, but currently I do painting and go to art exhibitions with my girlfriend, aside from that my university is pretty heavy in terms of workload, so I almost always have something to do
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    Where is our best coffee and cake stop?

    Ugh, I wish I lived somewhere that going to coffee shops was actually financially viable. Living in Denmark I have to off around 9 USD for a piece of chocolate cake, possibly the same for the coffee, it's ridiculous. Nowadays the only cake I get are the ones my girlfriend makes, but that's...
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    Road rage...

    Haha yeah, the prices are pretty awful in Denmark, Christiania certainly is a special place as well, (pretty awesome during the summer months) :D The weather truly does suck for cyclists, perhaps that may have a role to play in the widespread road-rage :rolleyes:
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    Do You Think Cycling Can Be As Popular As The Other Major Sports In The U.s.?

    Hahaha, I'm certain that would capture the interest of more people, wish we had people like you working for major sports organisations :D
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    Mountain Bikers Are Destroying Colorado!

    You guys have some serious necromancing skills reviving this 11 year old thread. Anyways - I lived right up next to a forrest for 12 years, and during that time I got to see the woods get destroyed quite significantly by mountain bikers (the terrain was pretty hilly for Danish nature) they would...
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    Is road cycling dangerous?

    Hahaha, well - I think this stems from the teachings many of us got as kids, that we should walk towards the stream of cars so as to be able to see potential hazards. I don't know why some people extend that to bike usage though, that's hilarious
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    Stolen! ( Have U Seen It - & Please Distribute-re-post! Marin Bear Mountain Black With Unusual Doubl

    So sorry to hear that someone stole your bike, looks very nice - Perhaps you should attempt to post this in a more area-specific forum, I believe there is little if any chance that the stars align and someone living in Los Angeles randomly comes across this forum and recognises it. Hope you'll...
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    Winter cycling is insane and suicidal.

    I don't really have any problem with winter-cycling where I live (Denmark) either, but the wind in the winter really annoys me, it's one thing that it's cold, but it gets incredibly, incredibly windy here, and it's often just annoying to the degree that you would prefer not cycling at all
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    Road rage...

    Haha, I am pretty prone to road-rage, and certainly my people are as well. If you go driving/biking in Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark, where I live) you will often come across bicyclists aggressively yelling at pedestrians or cars. It's actually to the point that it's kind of ridiculous...
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm from Denmark, a country that has more bikes than people! I never enjoyed sportive biking much myself, but it's a big sport here. As far as casual biking though, everyone pretty much has one or more bikes in this country, it's pretty awesome! Cars are ridiculously expensive here, so many...