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    I've tried many saddles and never felt good on one until I tried the Arione. It absolutely felt great the very first time I rode on it, and I have nothing but fantastic things to say about it. It's expensive, but not as much as some others. Suck it up, fork out the cash, and make your bum...
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    Best light weight compact pump ?

    Innovations Ultraflate is a good one - fits either Presta or Schrader valves with no adaptors, accepts threaded and non-threaded cartridges (both 12g and 16g), and has a safety lock to prevent accidental discharge. Use 12g cartridges for road tires (inflates a 700x23 to about 90-100 psi) and...
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    Best light weight compact pump ?

    Forget pumps - they're stoopid. Get a CO2 unit with an extra cartridge, stick 'em in your saddle bag with a spare tube and a patch kit, and you'll never get stuck.
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    Look Distributor In Aus?

    Can you direct me to these reviews? I'm not familiar with 'Ride" or 'Cycle Sport' - are they magazines or online?
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    Cateye cordless with Mavic SL wheels

    You should've bought a Mavic cordless computer
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    Cyclist Shoots motorist

    The goal is to NOT **** them off anymore than necessary! You never know what they'll do - to you or to me if I happen to be the next cyclist they see. Do us all a favor and turn the other cheek. Report them if you have to, but don't be so immature to think you're going to be able to 'teach...
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    Cyclist Shoots motorist

    Really?!:eek: That's scarry.
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    10 speed chain on 9 speed cassette

    Why?! 9-speed chains work pretty well.
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    DA CS-7800 10-Speed Cassette and Ksyrium SSC SL Compatible ?

    Just to clarify - you don't need a Shimano 10-speed hub for a Shimano 10-speed cassette. The 10-speed cassette will fit a 9-speed hub, but not vice versa.
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    oversize handlebars

    There is no weight penalty for OS - quite the opposite. The larger diameter tube allows the tube walls to be made thinner (i.e., lighter) with no loss of stiffness. It's the same principle as the oversized downtubes on aluminum frames that has become almost universal.
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    Look carbon fibre frames

    Check out this review of the '04 KG486 - the reviewer seemed quite impressed. The 381 has been upgraded - now the 481SL - it is carbon tubes on alloy lugs and is lighter than the 486 (2.9 lbs). Laurent Jalabert rode a 381 to a King of the Mountains victory in the '02 TdF. It requires a 25-mm...
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    What Have Motorists Done To **** You Off When Biking?

    Running me down!!!
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    Are you a Cycling Dork?

    I'm just dying to see how many races you actually win - unless you stick with the dork, citizen, newbie, field-of-5, special olympics, father-time category. That'll really be something to brag about! Okay - I'm sorry - I don't mean to be mean! It's just that I hope you don't seriously believe...
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    Look Cleat Colours

    Sorry rickt - I was fooled into thinking Chris Bryson was looking for newbie-appropriate advice, given his use of the term 'aged thick newbie'. Since, as it turns out, we're giving 'track specialist' advice on this thread, I'll defer to your vastly more experienced opinion.
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    Look Cleat Colours

    Dude! Pulling out during sprints is NOT normal - either you're pedals were faulty or your cleats were too worn. I've used Look in the past and now ride SPD-SLs - when you're in, you're in! A simple twist outward with the heal releases you. I would never recommend somebody use the old clips...