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    Cat 1 on 10 hours a week?

    Fair enough - But I quit that long hours job to upgrade to elite license and ride on an amateur team... One year was enough though....But I am thinking of starting some limited training this spring to do some 1/2nd cat crits this summer.
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    six weeks off the Bike

    So, after my retirement from bike racing I didn't ride a bike for 6 weeks. I did, however go running for 1hr 4-5 times a week, and I haven't gotten fat, and my heart hasn't exploded. However, as running has murdered my hip, and as I am still addicted to pain and exercise related euphoria I...
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    Criterium Training Tips Needed.

    Ade.... don't know really. Some of the best crit riders round here are **** at time trials and climbing, and some of them only ride crits, no classics or stage races. I guess an explanation might be that it is outright power, or "speed" combined with handling and tactics.... a cynical...
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    Criterium Training Tips Needed.

    Another good crit trick is to think about the circuit. Let's say you have one long strait, then a backside section with lots of corners, then a good training might be a 1 minute L4 effort, followed by 4 10s sprints, with 10s recovery after each. When you ride crits, think about where you are...
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    Criterium Training Tips Needed.

    Short intervals.... 5-10s sprint (as if you need to accelorate out a corner - not your race winning dash for the line kind of effort) then 20-30 secs at comfortable pace - repeat until you feel like throwing up 2 x per week. Mix in some sweet spot, and some L4, and one recovery session.
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    Time to stop

    Fellas, I have decided to hang the bike up, and have quit my team. The motivation and hunger just weren't there this winter, and turning 30 next year it's time to ease back into career mode, and have a good time before I'm too old. When you know. It's just time to stop. I am...
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    Sombody explain "super days"

    also known (here in NL) as "Super compensation" seems to come after: Massive training load Good rest and recovery Good warm up for a couple of days. I try and target this for race days with varying success.
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    Any one Using Viagra

    As a 20hr + a week on the saddle rider I have used viagra a couple of times for ED related to a trapped pudendal nerve. No matter what anyone says, sitting on a saddle for that amount of time is not good for your sex life, and I know that plenty of cyclists use viagra recreationally. I think...
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    Why winter train so much?

    Well....season was long and tough. Due to having a small squad I was down for every race the team rode, and mentally that got pretty tough....especially as in Dutch Classics only about 30-40% of starters make it to the finish. Easy to get into a vicious circle of not finishing race - not getting...
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    Why winter train so much?

    I race elites in Europe and I have a heart murmur. Don't really notice it much, and passed 2 medical examinations for the license. Winter training is a drag here in Holland. Cold, rainy and windy and the accepted wisdom is to ride real slow, real long all winter. 4 hours at 28 km/h in 4...
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    Who is taking time off this year?

    I have been racing at least 2x a week since january, and training between 16 and 24 hrs a week since November. Estimate a good 20,000km ridden, of which about 8,000km were competitive. (numbers right off the top of my head) I have just finished my last race of the year (a tasty 12th place in a...
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    worn out allen key hole on saddle attachment

    I have adjusted my selle smp saddle so often that the allen key, erm, orifice, is worn out somewhat, and the allen key no longer "bites" anyone know a good solution? At the moment I have a 200 euro saddle stuck on the end of a snapped carbon seatpost, and it's giving me the right hump!
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    Removing broken carbon seatpost from carbon frame

    In a race yesterday I noticed my seatpost was flexing. I stopped and saw a crack in it 3mm above where it joins the frame. I went to a team Jo Piels mechanic and we loosened the adjustment and tried to remove the seatpost. Of course, the end broke off, and I am now left with 3mm of jagged...
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    Criterium Conundrum

    Crits shouldn't be that dangerous. If the speed is high, the peloton should ride single file most of the time, and the only real risk of falling is overcooking it in a corner. Here in Holland the strongest crit specialists absolutely leather it on the front, and the bunch gets strung out right...