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    What is a GOOD place to LIVE in Aussie for ROAD CYCLING?

    Not Melbourne. TOO FVCKEN COLD! I still dont get what is so liveable about a city where the sun never shines.
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    Why can't someone like Robbie McEwen climb?

    Considering Robbie attacked at the Aussie Champs a few years ago on a climb and soloed away i reckon he can climb when he has too! Why do it when your paid to sprint?
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    Chocolate Milk - I always knew it was true

    If only Victorians could make flavoured milk half as well as sandgropers then i wouldnt have to pine for Coffee Chills on a daily basis.....
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    Cyclists shave their legs to 'look good'

    Probably about 2 seconds easier....
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    Cyclists shave their legs to 'look good'

    While i would do it either way, when it is wet, with shaved legs you can chuck massage oil on and the water beads off your legs as opposed to having wet hair locking the water onto your legs.
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    Tram tracks finally got me

    4 1/2 years is not bad considering the first time my mate came to Melbourne from Perth he lasted all of 100m down the road before coming a cropper on the tram tracks. And they werent even wet!
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    breaking news in perth

    the fact that it said "breaking news in Perth" showed that it couldnt possibly be real.
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    Cheap large steel frame and forks

    an option, could be hard at 200cm though, is to just get longer seat post and stem?? Im 6'5" and ride a 58cm frame as i prefer to feel like i am riding a bike than steering the titanic.
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    Did anyone else feel a tad chilly this morning? (Melbourne)

    yesterday wasnt cold. Last Thursday WAS cold...
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    Arm warmers.

    I have the unfortunate problem of having very long, skinny arms which necessitates me buying L or XL arms for length but then the diameter is too large at the top and they dont stay up. So i gave up after one winter and moved onto wearing long sleeve thermals. I have had the same LS thermal...
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    Anyone else having a bet on the Tour?

    When you racing next?? are you good odds???? ;)
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    Using a PVR to record the Tour

    This is kind of cycling related, as i will be using it to record the Tour. :D I am looking at buying a PVR though am unsure how easy it is to then plug it into my computer and burn the file to DVD (or even if it is possible). Is it an easy venture or would i be better off buying a DVD...
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    Anyone else having a bet on the Tour?

    funny you write this as i was looking at sportsbet today and if you use the 100 bucks you get free to bet with when you signup on Millar, Wiggins or Cancellara for the prologue i reckon you might be on a good thing. Millar is at 4.50! I think i will have a couple of punts. Not a gambler...
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    XXL in a compact frame

    Frame is alloy i think?