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    Challenging yourself

    As a personal trainer, it takes a lot of determination to challenge yourself. Consistency is the key. A lot fails in this stage as they have a good start and falls on after few episodes of trying. You need to set your goal and gain a new level of limit every time. It’s this practice that makes a...
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    Considering a trike?

    Trike is amazing. I am a triathlete though.
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    Knee pain

    If you are not used to it.. or you are abusing your body.. dont bike too much your body might collapse..
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    Any Juicing Meat Heads Here?

    I dont used it since I know the effects in ones body.. I hope no one here used it.
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    What kind of shoes are best?

    Yep a brand doesnt matter as soon as you are confortable to wear it.
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    Ice adventure rider experience

    I dont do that but I am a Triathlete
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    Swimming as cardio?

    Hi guys.. I have a question recently I stopped swimming and running because of difficulty in breathing. Am I sick? or its just normal?