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    Touch-Up Paint?

    WaltMart cheapo nail polish. Comes in a plethora of colors.
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    Trek Al frames vs CAAD 9

    CAAD9 without a question, best AL frame out there.
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    Cannondale Caad9 Forum - The Best Aluminium Bike Built?

    My 2006 CAAD8 rides as good as any of my carbon bikes. Can't beat it with a stick.
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    Cutting a carbon steerer tube?

    Hacksaw with very fine blade all the way. Masking tape keeps it smooth. Just go real slow and take upur time, let the blade do the work.
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    What to do - wheels, frame, components?

    Save your cash. Ya got a decent ride for your purpose. If you absolutely had to spend money, I'd go with wheels. That way you can easily transfer them to another ride at a later date. You probably need to tweak your cleat placement to get a more comfortable foot position.
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    Any Chance Of Eliminating All The Spam

    I used to visit this place religiously, but rarely do so due to all the spam. Any chance the admin can toss in something to block the junk? Thanks.
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    Wheel upgrade,help!

    +1 on the Rolf Vigors. Awesome wheelset for about $750. I've raced a pair for 3 seasons, can't say a bad word about 'em. Great in the sprint.
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    Tire blowout quick fix?

    One inch is a pretty big gap. Most times you can get away with a gu wrapper or even a dollar bill.
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    Knee warmers

    Yeah, and I bet he's such a stud he always stays in his 53 ring!!!! Gotta protect those knees, man. I want to be riding when i'm an old guy. This thread is over.
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    Tightening Spokes

    It's not nearly as simple as just tightening your spokes. Many different factors involved; lateral true, radial true, spoke tension, etc. You need to understand how a wheel is built. Here's a good link on wheel truing. It's not rocket...
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    Knee warmers

    Ever start a 4 hour bike ride when it's cold and end it when it's much warmer? The whole point is that you want your knees warm when you start the ride and may want the option to shed them as you and the weather warm up. Good knee warmers should not slide down, they have a silicone gripper...
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    Knee warmers

    Wear them alone with 6 inch black heels ...... Under you shorts is the proper method. Lots of great brands, matter of how much you want to spend. Inexpensive, serviceable stuff available at Performance Bike.
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    under armor vs defeet

    Craft, their stuff is awesome.
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    Carbon's impact durability

    Most mfg warranties are null and void is the bike is used to race. That being said if you have a good realtionship with a shop you can get a break sometimes. When I crashed my Giant, even though it was a used bike I was able to get a replacement frame (actually a newer model) because of said...
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    cycling shorts advice wanted - more or less spandex better?

    Gotta love Begamo/Capoforma.