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    Choosing the best spin bike for a beginner

    Hey guys! I’ve occasionally had the opportunity using a friend of mines home gym and always had amazing, memorable experiences. Since I really enjoy working out I decided to build my own home gym in my garage but I don’t really know much about equipment and brands etc. I’m sick of gym...
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    Challenging yourself

    It's important to challenge yourself if you want to improve. That pretty much goes for anything in life though. I've learnt that if you track your performances and look at them you can progress a lot faster than if you just have a guessed / estimate on how well you're doing.
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    Abs after 40

    Lol I was hoping to read some information about maintaining or getting abs at the age of 40... didn't get anything useful here -.-
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    New to cycling to lose weight

    I don't think you need to see a doctor. You can find a lot of great information on diets online or by using common sense really. 2. agree with you on that point 3. maybe but eating healthier can be more critical. Often the amount is fine but not what's actually being eaten. 4. Awesome advice...