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    How Long Is The Seatpost Sleeve In Lemond Victoire?

    I suggest you to try looking up the length online or try to find a local bike store that can help you out.
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    Beginner. How Often Should I Train?

    I suggest training 5 days a week, but if you feel yourself not being able to continue then take a break and continue later. Never push your self to the max while riding a bike.
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    Have You Built Your Own Heart Rate Monitor?

    looks like you learn something new everyday, thanks for making this post.
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    How Do I Measure The Frame Size And Wheel Size Of My Bike?

    If you're new, just watch a YouTube video of the tutorial. Another thing you can do is ask a fellow riding buddy of yours.
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    50 mile bike ride with not much training/?!?! Thoughts?!?!

    You should be perfectly fine that day, but will feel pain the day after.
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    Top 5 Mountain Bike Brands?

    Feti, Trek, Salsa, Pivot and Ibis
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    Do You Cycle In The Winter?

    Yup I have rode in the winter, but also depends on how code it is outside during the time I want to ride.
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    How To Tell What Size Chain I Need

    Well all you would have to do is just go to your local bike shop and get it measured or ask a local riding buddy that you may have.
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    Helmet Cams?

    Having a go pro aka helmet cameras are really nice if you would like to look back at all of the interesting places you have visited , also you could share the videos with your friends or your family members.
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    Want Lights For Cycling

    I would suggest that you go to your local bike shop to find out what light would work best for you. Try to find the brand called nightrider.
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    I suggest you don't put a lot of money into the glasses your buying, because you will be risking the chance of them breaking. Just search on amazon for a reasonable pair.
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    If You Bike At Night You Need A Light

    Yes I highly suggest you that you buy a couple reflectors for your bike, If not you may be risking your life.
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    Is A Bike Stand Worth It?

    I say owning a bike stand is not worth it unless you're plan on fixing up your bike every other day.
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    Is A Bike Stand Worth It?

    To me owning a bike stand is honestly not worth it unless you plan on fixing up your bike every other day.
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    Is road cycling dangerous?

    It really all depends on the type of the environment that your driving in. If you plan on riding during night time I suggest that you buy reflective attire , and also I recommend that you buy reflectors for your bike. If you plan on riding during the day time you should be good, just watch out...