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    Two Man Time Trial Pacing

    Anybody have an opinion about how often to switch leads in a two man 40k time trial with riders of roughly equal ability but one is big and the other is small?
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    Does anyone actually go a full hour to determine FTP?

    Last winter and spring, I made 60-90 minute time trial efforts on a trainer a large chunk of my training program. It became a lot easier mentally to do a 60 minute effort after a few weeks. Typically, I would start a few watts under the target and start ramping up around 20 minutes into the...
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    Training Peaks and sweet spot

    If your power distribution chart is set to 5 watt "buckets" you can just add up the time from each bucket within your sweet spot. It won't tell you how you accumulated that time but, if it was a quasi-steady state type of ride, you could fairly assume you were getting a dose of sweet spot...
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    MAP test protocal

    I thought it was a trick question designed to get one to think about why you would use a different ramp rate for male vs. female MAP tests. Are there different "zones" based on the MAP results for male and female riders?
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    Tuft averaged 415W for the last hour to win US Open

    I didn't realize he was so burley. 415 w and 5.4 w/kg makes sense. I agree his FTP would probably be somewhat higher as well.
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    Tuft averaged 415W for the last hour to win US Open

    Great ride. Anybody know how big he is? I'd like to borrow his SRM and see what it shows my threshold is.
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    Attack until you puke?

    2 hrs and 256 tss? Really? I'd bet my mortgage payment you have underestimated your ftp.
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    Power to break 1hour

    I'm 5'7", 150 lbs and I can go under an hour for 40k on 250 average watts per pt pro with clip on aero bars on a flat and windless course. No other aero equipment.
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    Racing power levels

    If anyone is still interested, I looked at the files and the difference between the whole five minute block and just the last four minutes was minimal, maybe 1-2 watts. So I guess I really don't know why my powertap and the reported kk power/speed differ. I did a 1 hr tt at 283 average watts...
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    Racing power levels

    I'd have to go look at my file from last night to see what the speed difference was at 287.65 watts on the pt vs. what the kk chart would indicate. Not that I could actually cut it that finely anyway. Last night out of curiosity, I did a "workout" varying speed on the kk in one mph increments...
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    Racing power levels

    You have to remember that the KK numbers are based on a hypothetical 165 lb rider going up a 1% grade and I'm guessing they didn't base the expected air resistance on a rider in aero position. So how many watts does it take you to go 25 mph slightly uphill while riding on the tops? Can you...
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    Real world weightlifting experience, did it help? Ric?

    Hey Bighead- You haven't said whether you are using aero bars or not. You can get a pretty good speed boost just by using a set of clip-on aero bars. I tend to go 1-2 mph faster at typical tt effort using aero bars. -Chris
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    Racing power levels

    There is air resistance factored into the calibration KK chose which is why it rises exponentially but the power/speed curve will theoretically only match an outdoor hypothetical 165 lb rider who is riding up a 1% slope and that's not even considering the other variables described below. So...
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    Racing power levels

    One more thing, here is some information that might help you quantify the difference in rolling resistance between tires: It's actually a pretty complicated subject so I'm not sure what conclusions you could draw without measuring it with a...
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    Racing power levels

    On the Kurt Kinetic, the power required should be the same unless one tire slips more or less than the other. Also, you will have somewhat higher rolling resistence on the mtb tire so it will take a little more power to turn the rollers at the same speed as a good road tire. You can't use those...