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    Look compatible cleat

    So has anyone used some cleats for your Look pedals that weren't made by Look. VP has some that look alright.
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    Tipping - Stage 20: Montélimar - Mont Ventoux 167 km

    1: Alberto 2: A Schleck 3: Sastre 4: F Schleck 5: Armstrong 6: Kloden 7: Nibali 8: Wiggins 9: Kreuzinger 10: Vande Velde
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    After Race Symptom? -- Pressure in forehead/behind eye

    Your Helmet is cranked down to tight. Really.
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    This freaking forum

    This is the best forum ever. I haven't posted here in a very long time but I come here a few times a week just to read. This place has the best gossip ever.
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    Paris Roubaix picks

    I read something on about whatching it live. Then theres cycling tv.
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    Paris Roubaix picks

    I would really like to see Hincapie win just so he will STFU about it.
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    For the Phinney Family, a Dream and a Challenge

    I had a chance to race with him this summer. He was envolved in a crash I was and he managed to get back into the race even though the 150 rider pack was drilling it 30- 35mph and 8 miles from the finish line. I didn't. Also whats wrong with his father? I haven't heard anything.
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    Caad 7 Frame

    It is new.
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    To WSD, or not to WSD...that is the question!

    At 5' 4" with a 78cm inseam you've got some longs legs. I am betting you will fit a WSD bike.
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    man, i didnt know there were SO many things about bikes..

    1) That is the frame size. As measured here under ST. Most bike will come in 5 to 10 sizes. As for wheel size that does not matter outside of WalMart. Almost all road bikes except for some real small ones come with 700c wheels. A smaller frame like a 46cm will likley come with 650c wheels...
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    Caad 7 Frame

    A bike shop close to me says they have a 2006 or 2007 (the guy didn't seem to know) Caad 7 frame for $550. I was just wondering if it was a good deal. I am looking for a frame that is a bit stiffer than the one I have now since I can actually look down while I'm riding and see my down tube and...
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    Hincapie's Clothing Line...Hmmmm...

    I have had my team kit since late last Feburary and it is starting to come apart. Thats riding each piece twice a week.
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    PowerTap wheel set.

    Ok. I guess I will go down to 24/28 spokes.
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    PowerTap wheel set.

    How does this setup sound. Training/ Everyday wheel. Rims- DT Swiss 1.1 Front Hub- DT Swiss 240 28 hole Rear Hub- PowerTap SL 32 hole Spokes- DT Swiss Revolution Nipples- DT Alloy