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    Are you a Cycling Dork?

    Regarding the shaving issue... Anyone that tell you they are shaving because of "road rash" is really shaving in order to be "cool". The reason I started to shave was that during my first trip to Europe on my bike, I started to get some rash and skin problems around the inner thighs. I was told...
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    Are you a Cycling Dork?

    This is just stupid. A Dork is a Dork. You can't make a checklist. If you make or read and then worry about such a checklist, then you too, are a DORK! Seriously, some people are cool and some are dorks. Most are somewhere in between. Deal with it.
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    Campy vs. Shimano

    6 Years is not a lot of time for Campagnolo. Are you replacing the whole group? Why not just replace the components that need it. You can use the existing derailleur with the new 10 speed, it just won't shift as good as the new derailleurs. It will shift better than what you have now though. I...
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    spinning - most efficient cadence

    Your optimum cadence will change with position change and crank length (along with all the other issues raised in this thread). It also depends on the type of event, whether you expect to compete the next day, and many other variables.
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    Campy vs. Shimano

    A few quick points. <br /><br />DA is comparable to Chorus. Accept it.<br /><br />Going Campag will be cheaper because a lot mof those 6 year old parts will still work just fine with the new gear.<br /><br />I assume you already have dual-pivot brake calipers. That will save a bit. I also know...
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    Road Bike Frames

    Cannondale stole the OS welded Aluminum tube design from Klein.
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    Which wheelset is better?<br /><br /><br />420 Wheelset Pricing <br />Standard Build Frt Wheel - $285.95<br /><br />Standard Build Rear Wheel - $414.00<br /><br />Custom Builds - $25 extra per wheel.<br /><br />Ti Skewer Upgrade - $30 per wheelset.<br /> <br />Faster, cheaper...
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    What gearing is best?

    Yes, he was a sprinter. No, he did not use an 11. They did not make them at that time! <br /><br />FYI, Lemond sprinted to the '89 Worlds using a 53/12 and Sean Kelly used a 53/13.<br /><br />Most pros don't use an 11. Only some do and for special stages at that. <br /><br />11 teeth cogs have...
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    What gearing is best?

    LEARN TO SPIN FASTER! Don't blow your knees out just so you don't have to work on your spin.
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    Polar S720i as a bikecomputer?

    TO address a few questions:<br /><br />If your 710 stops and you restart it, you are simply creating an additional file. You will not lose data. You can maintain separate files or use a third party utility to combine them.<br /><br />Another trick that I use is that I have my 710 on a velcro...
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    Felt Bicycles

    Excellent construction and materials. The frames are anadized rather than painted to save more weight. <br /><br />Excellent value.