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    Best Concert/Gig/Live Show

    2 of the 4 Sublime shows I went to were phenomenal. The other two they were so high they could barely play. No Doubt was excellent as was U2 Zooropa. ACDC was good as well.
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    mike vandeman-stupid enviromentalist

    I've been posting at alt.mountain-bike for 10+ years now. He's been there as long as I have. He is a delusional freak who has lost all sense of reality. He will twist whatever you say to prove that you are lying or stupid. If you get aggresive with him he will take it as a "death threat", no...
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    Firearms & Glocks while riding?

    There have been right around 10 documented mountain lion attacks on humans since 1909. No need for fire arms to defend yourself against them.
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    which gender is most into mountain biking

    I have!!! Very painful. I was bombing down a relatively steep section of singletrack with a 90 degree turn at the bottom. My front tire caught a rut and I endoed. Normally not a problem, I land on my feet 9 out of 10 times I go over the bars. The problem was that this time I ended up...
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    Do you wear a helmet?

    I'll take it off on long climbs if the weather is very hot, otherwise the lid stays on.