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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    You'll have to pry my AK-47, Rocket Launcher and mah Hummer from my cold, dead hands......:p
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    Tire Life and Rotation

    I look for every reason to ride. I just got into road biking this summer and wasnt sure i was going to stick with it enough to drop that kind of money on a bike. Absolutely love it - now own Gaerne Carbon soled shoes, Atmos Carbon lined helmet and of course had to get the Cabon cage...
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    Cutting Carbon Fiber Steerer Tube Question

    I've been gradually removing the spacers from my roubaix pro as i've become more comfortable (started out with the bars level to the seat). Now the steerer tube is sticking out a little bit above the stem cap. Would cutting about a 1/4" off the stereer tube be detrimental? I've been told that...
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    Tire Life and Rotation

    Was wondering how long the Specialized All Condition Pro Tires or actually any tire would last on my Roubaix Pro and When is the optimal time to replace them? Also what do you think about rotating the front tire to the rear to maximize tire life?
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    Time Impact S Frustrations

    I have Time Impact S Pedals on my Specialized Roubaix Pro. I've never had a problem clipping in or out - very positive engagement, just press down and "click" your in.
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    the fat girl wants a bike

    I think you should start a rigourous weight loss program under a more controlled circumstance like at a gym and try to lose weight that way. Mountain biking isnt neccessarily a good aerobic workout by itself as you have to concentrate on many things such as terrain, technique, etc and frankly it...
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    Trying to get started

    Buy the best bike you can with a proper fitting at the shop you feel most comfortable with. Identify yourself as a newbie since they will find out within a couple of minutes anyway - take the pressure off yourself and you will enjoy the process.
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    Question on Fitting - Compact Geometry

    Hi - im being fitted for my first road bike - a compact geometry Specialized Roubaix Pro. The question i have is that I've been fitted on a M or 54cm which both shops i visited sized up for me with their eye. Everything feels good especially the reach with the standard stem (i think 90mm) but i...
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    Don't start out by buying a $5000 bike

    Didn't spend $5,000 - Just $3500. Specialized Roubaix Pro Triple. Throw in some carbon soled shoes, pedals....oh and a mini seat bag and i'm still comfortably under $5000! :cool:
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    Quick Question on Pedals and Shoes

    Do you get the pedal attachments for your shoes when you buy a new set of pedals (i.e - Time, Speedplay, etc.)? I honestly don't know as i bought my specialized shoes with my bike and wasnt' sure what came with what. The reason is im selling my bike and need to know if i should unscrew the...