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    How old are ya ???

    I started riding when I was 51 (had to something about my weight) that was 22 years ago. Today I'm still riding and I'm 73 years of age. Where has the time gone?
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    Pant leg sprocket interference

    Wear shorts, problem solved.
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    The 66 rout.

    I checked out that web site and it is pretty informative. I live in AZ so it looks like I'll be riding the Route 66 as mach as I can. Thanks for finding this web site and posting it.
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    Indoor bike training???

    Made me chuckle with the boredom, I can relate. Plus I used up a ton of tires. So when I got my rollers things changed. I set them outside and on windy days it made it a little more realistic. Come to think of it that's the only time I didn't curse at the wind.
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    Hy, new bike rider here :d

    Welcome Tudor. Hope you accomplish your goal. (I'll go check your youtube videos)
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    The 66 rout.

    Don't know how I missed this thread... Route 66 from Williams, AZ to Ash Fork is none existing. I found a mile of it but that was it. You can pick up the Route again about a mile or so west of Ash Fork and it good all the way to Kingman, AZ. I live in AZ and am about 25 miles south from Ash...
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    Indoor bike training???

    To make it feel like the real deal I'd say get a set of rollers. He will learn balance and spinning. I guarantee you there will be no time to get bored. When he gets to the point of shifting gears while on the rollers, it'll be time to go outside and race!
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    How to get old pedals off to fit new ones

    Unless you are going to do a lot of maintenance than buy your own tools, but the bike shop would be my suggestion. If you do get a peddle wrench one side is right hand threads and the other are left hand threads. If you don't know this you'll be there all day long and probably ruin the crank...
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    What are some of your hobbies?

    Other than cycling, weight lifting, shooting long range with a rifle and the most enjoyable part is reloading for the most accurate shot. Photography and camping.
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    What are some of your hobbies?

    You don't need a photography course. When you go out and see something you like, think of it as wallpaper for your computer. If it's not a fast action shot, than take your time and compose it for your monitor. You'll be amazed. Use the sun to create the the photo, fog, early mornings or late in...
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    How do i find out about rides/races without a facebook?

    The best way is to go to your local bike shop and ask. Check to see if there's a bulletin board, most cycling clubs post their ride schedule there. That's how we did it before the internet and I've stepped into the bike shops and the club still post the rides there and on their web site. I have...
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    How fast do i need to ride 10 miles to and from work daily?

    Back in thew 70s all I had was a 10 speed and I gave myself one hour to get to work. I didn't know the distance but I always got there on time. As I improve my fitness (didn't know I was doing that either) it would take me 45 minutes to get to work, than about 35 minutes. I finally got a mile...
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    Colour of the bike?

    It was probably relating to the movie "The Exorcists" when what's her name puked green vomit. :eek:
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    Colour of the bike?

    I understand. :D
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    Colour of the bike?

    And did this survey? How much money was granted for this study? Wonder if there are any job openings :eek: