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    What is your favorite weather to ride in?

    An hour or two after a rainstorm in the summer (so the roads dry).here in Michigan after a storm it's around 60 degrees and there is something so great about it but I can't put my finger on it :(
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    How should I cover these bar ends?

    Sorry, typo. I meant that it was obvious that I was going to put bar plugs on there......and this is the same person just forgot to switch to my new account on my phone >_
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    2013 Specialized Sirrus Elite drop bar conversion

    THANK you so much! All I really needed was the drop bar ends. I didn't even know they existed! I would give you a cookie if I had one :D
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    2013 Specialized Sirrus Elite drop bar conversion

    I was wondering if a drop bar conversion would be a good idea on my 2013 specialized Elite? I know I have the "mechanical" skills to put everything together. Also, would this be possible for under $100? I am only a high school student and my budget is very tight. Any help would be greatly...
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    What do you do in the winter if you have an urge to go biking?

    Yeah...I was just seeing if there was someone out there who had something really awesome he though of. Supposedly you can hook up a trainer bike to a computer and you can "bike" in google street view
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    What do you do in the winter if you have an urge to go biking?

    Eh...the title explains itself.
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    Bicycle Helmet Research

    I would love to have a helmet that is very small (in form factor), and very minimalist. It drives me somewhat crazy how bulky they are, but I would not risk my safety over not wearing a helmet. Also, as another poster pointed out, easily removable straps and pads would be nice. After a year or...
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    Does listening to music pose a safety risk?

    I find wearing headphones while cycling extremely dangerous, as you can not hear your sorroundings. On the other hand, I have tried speakers that hook onto your bike and they are much safer. You can hear everything around you, but still hear the music. Headphone cords are also a huge pain! I...
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    Do you own your dream bike???

    Yes, I do have my dream bike. I ws thankful enough to earn enough money to buy a 2013 Specialized Sirrus Elite (I am 13 years old and I am in a middle class family so this is a lot of money!). I had wanted that bike for a long time, as my previous bike was a 2007 Giant Boulder SE. It did the...
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    Sorry for the is a sidewalk that goes on for about quarter mile that joins 2 bike trails...maybe they should make it wider since only cyclists use it....The only person i saw riding on the road about 100 feet away almost got killed.
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    It simply amazes me how stupid some cyclists can be. I am riding along on the sidewalk going down a hill (about 13mph to be safe because I know the sidewalk is a bit narrow), and I go around the corner and see a person up ahead. I thought it was no big deal since he would move to the left and I...
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    Best Place to buy Cycling Parts

    The only online cycling store I use is amazon. There are great prices and they have a whole page dedicated to it! I was even able to find a cycling stereo system and those camelbak podium water bottles (which are worth the money). I generally try to stay away from Ebay since amazon usually has...
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    Looking for a portable am/fm radio

    I would like to be able to listen to my favorite am/fm shows while cycling, so does anyone have a reccomendation for a portable am/fm radio for cycling? Size doesn't matter that much since i would put it in my drawstring backpack unless it is absolutely huge. My budget is anything under 40...
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    1978 Motobecane Grand Touring

    If I were you would go to a different website to ask the value of bikes. I have tried repeatedly asking the value for my giant boulder, and gotten no response :mad: