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    Universal Cycles- Portland, Oregon

    I am considering having Universal Cycles build me a set of wheels (Chris King R45's, DT Swiss 415's). Do any of you have any experience with Universal Cycles? They are a mail order outfit located in Portland, Oregon. How were the wheels they built and what type of customer service do they...

    What do you all carry?

    I carry pretty much the same gear. I do carry an extra set of contacts. Learned my lesson after losing a lens about 15 miles from home. I also carry two surgical gloves. It makes changing flats easier. You don't have to worry about getting grime on your bike after changing flats. Neither...

    Shimano DA7800 FD: adjustments

    I have a new Cervelo RS equipped with DA 7800. I can not seem to keep the FD adjusted. Have swapped cables and have had my LBS adjust it at least 8 times in the last few months. It never seems to stay adjusted longer than a few weeks. I tighten the cable with the barrel adjuster and it lasts for...

    shimano Di2

    I totally agree. Many are in search of performance through gadgets. It has been said many times that "it is the engine and not the car." Train harder, lose the weight and the performance will be there with your existing groupo.

    Chris King R45 (Swift hubs) and DT Swiss 1.1

    I am looking for a set of handbuilt wheels for my Cervelo RS and have started looking at hubs. The new Chris King road hubs (R45) have caught my eye (durability, quality, local, bling...). I was thinking of having the R45 hubs and DT Swiss 1.1 rims. Does anyone have any experience with those...


    What is meant by the term "brake modulation"?

    List your height (inches) and frame size (cm)

    5'10" 56 cm 2008 Cervelo RS-Dura Ace