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    How long does your gear last?

    I just retired my Vitus carbon 3 because my 3 year old tipped it over and broke the rear derailur hanger off. I upgraded everything one by one from my 6 speed super record friction shift equiptment except my modolo brakes. worried about going over the bars in an emergency - I ride in los angeles...
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    How to clean your drivetrain??

    pretty much the same as kdelong. I have a wipperman link on my record chain so I drop it into a smallish jar with denatured alcohol. Shake vigorously (lid not tight! just a bit of splatter). Then I repeat with acetone (agian loose lid!). A drop of Dumonde Tech (I think I even saw this in...
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    Do I need a new Chain?

    I would check the rear derailier and make sure the top pulley still "floats" side to side a little. I'd also of course measure the chain. Boy I love my campy stuff
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    Weight distribution of bike

    Instead of asking the correct question of "how noticeable is a heavy seat vs a light one" saus has asked a very dubious question. He then gets irritated because he isn't getting an answer applicable to the real question. I don't know anybody intentionally strapping weight to their bike to make...
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    wtb sst 98 saddle replacement suggestion

    It is done. The most comfortable saddle I have ridden is no more and I need a replacement. I would love a recomendation from anybody who also felt the saddle was great- cuz we are more likely built the same. The wtb rocket v that I bought isn't nearly as nice. Trying out saddles can get pricey
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    shimano chainrings campy derailleur

    My vitus carbon three broke it's derailleur hanger and I want to put together a contemporary bike. A friend has some shimano stuff but I want to continue to use campy. My friction shifting has served me well. Can the campy indexed shifters/brake levers and derailleurs work with a shimano bottom...