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    Lady Commuters

    Some women might feel unsafe riding a bike in their area. Some women might feel discouraged from participating in any physical activities at all, because it is not a 'girly'thing to do.
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    Lady On Bike

    Amazing! It is always fascinating to see talented people doing what they are the best at, in any discipline. I would love to be able to do that some day!
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    How Many Times A Week Do You Go Cycling Lads?

    I ride my bike about every other day. I'd like to do it every day, but sometimes I have something other planned that day(I like to always ride my bike at a specific time of the day), sometimes I am tired, and sometimes I am just too lazy.
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    Ladies, How Safe Do You Feel Riding A Bike Late At Night?

    I feel safe in my area. However, I live in a small suburbs town and I have known everyone here for years. I would probably be terrified to ride a bike late at night in a huge city like NYC.
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    Ok girls - just how many of us are there here?

    I am 19 years old. I come from Tallinn, Estonia! And my other hobbies include reading, rock climbing and travelling.
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    How Long Have You Been Commuting Via Your Bike?

    I have been doing it since high school. That would be about 5 years. I still do not have a car, and I vastly prefer riding my bike than taking the public transport. I might even prefer riding a bike over driving a car.
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    Biking in heels...anyone have trouble doing it?

    I can't walk properly with heels on! I really respect the ladies who are able to do any sort of physical activities with their heels on! Maybe they are more prone to accidents, but I would say that a woman who can work heels is probably less likely to catch herself in the middle of an accident...
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    Five benefits of cycling for women

    I think riding a bike is beneficial for everyone! I do not have a car, and I really disliked riding on the public transport back in the high school days, but now that I have a bike I am not even sure that I even need/want a car!
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    womens bike colours... do women really want pink?

    I like pastel colors, but not pink. For a bicycle, I prefer light/dark blue, dark gray or green colors.
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    Favorite Street Shoes

    I also just use sneakers. I might switch to other shoes when I start riding my bike daily, though. However, at least up to now I have not really had any problems in this regard.
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    Why People Hate Cyclists/bikers

    I don't think people hate cyclists/bikers as such. I think people hate people who are a threat to their lives. Whether they are drivers, bikers or even pedestrians. Drive safe!
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    Self Driving Cars

    People have a tendency to have a distrust towards automated things, but I am looking at the future with hope. Computers make mistakes, but they are much less likely to do so than cars. And I have about had enough with careless drivers!
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    Headphones & Cycling?

    Very dangerous! I have tried cycling while listening to music two times, and, while I thought that I could hear what was happening around me, both times I was almost ran over by a car.
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    Would Anyone Commute In 110f Weather?

    I have never had to deal with this, as it never gets warmer than 95 degrees Fahrenheit where I live. However, I have had to ride a bike at -13 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was not a pleasant experience, although physical activities obviously make you a little warmer.
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    Risks Of Women Cyclists

    I am a woman but I have never(or at least very rarely) faced this problem. I am from Europe, though, and I have heard that it is much worse in the U.S.A. My biggest struggle is that even some of the women bikes are not suitable for a woman's anatomy.