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    Polar CS200 or CS200cad?

    the only difference I know about is the cadence measurement function on the CS200cad
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    Heart Rate monitors, Suunto or Polar?

    my dad bought the T6 Suunto for biking. Ive been using the s720i for 2 years now and am extremely happy with it. The polar software is far better than the suunto software. The polar software is far more cycling specific. simple operations like splitting a file, or working on data afterwards...
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    Lthr ?

    yep I CAN do 177 average, but I am pretty sure I am anaerobic at that point, namely very rapid breathing, dizziness, and a general feeling not to repeat that. I have actually done it once, for 40 minutes. Normally I did shorter intervals (10 minutes). So I actually think that I am above my LTHR...
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    Lthr ?

    ill also redo the test, without looking at the HR , maybe the number will be different
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    Lthr ?

    could be that the 177 is the more accurate. but the friel test (last 20 minutes average of a 30 min tt) came up with the 159 HR average , and this is the average of the test repeated 10 times..... another thing: heavy breathing and the burning sensation sets in at around Hr 160, which are...
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    Lthr ?

    hey all i have a question about my lactate threshold heartrate. A year ago I bought a book about cycling training in which the concept of lactate threshold heartrate was explained. I was stated that one's LTHR is calculated as 91% of the maximum heartrate. After a few tests which I did I could...
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    problem with quick-close

    oh, and yes I tightened the bolt on the other side....
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    problem with quick-close

    today when I started on my ride I noticed that the quick-close of my frontwheel came loose. the funny thing is that I just tightened a few weeks before. Is it even possible that thie quick-close loosens by itself?? btw: i have campagnolo vento g3 wheels
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    Music or no music?

    I always ride with music. at least always when I ride alone. I do however ride on roads I know very well, and at volumes which allow for outside sounds to be heard.
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    Max HR???

    your actual max. heartrate will never increase, but will slowly decrease over the years. Its mainly genetics. Im the same age and my polar 720i predicted 188. Remember these are predictions. I really wanted to know what my max actually was and I did a test. one hour cycling @approx 80% of your...
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    Cleaning chains

    i take off the chain, put it in a jar with some morgan blue biodegreaser. shake a few times and let it be for a day. then I take it out and remove the remaining grease with a towel. Then I rins the chain with water. If I am in a hurry I let the chain dry in the oven (40 degrees celcius). Then...
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    Sports Drinks

    i always used plain water during cycling training, but am thinking about using drinks too, expect I dont know which one/type to use.... ive read that for the more intense training sessions (not sure about the exact heartrate zones) taking in sportdrinks with sugars would be beneficial, because...
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    Chain Breaker

    yeah putting back on is easy lube the chain when it's on again. If you lube the chain before putting it back on, its more challenging
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    Chain Breaker

    isnt that a powerlink