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    Road bike for a 6'4", 240lb guy

    If you don't want a steel frame, this 2010 Focus Variado (60CM frame) for $675 (w/o pedals) from JensonUSA may be of interest ...
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    Road bike for a 6'4", 240lb guy

    The Schwinn Le Tour Legacy looked pretty decent. It is spec'd with Reynolds 520, Shimano 105, double or triple chain wheels, Maxic CX-22 rims, 700x 25 Continental tires. It would hopefully hold up for somebody over 200lbs better than some bikes of lesser material than Reynolds steel tubing...
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    New bike - 4 Touring and fitness

    Probably better off with a steel frame. An older touring bike or hybrid in pristine condition may be of interest. You may possibly want to take a look at a new cyclocross bike.
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    in need of a new bike for riding around brooklyn, ny that can handle my weight.

    A Trek 930 or Trek 950 from the mid-1990s in pristine shape (or similar better quality older MTBs) with a 22.5" frame might be worth considering. They ran about $500 to $800+ back then (depending on model and whether or not they had shox) , but you can catch them for about $150 every now and...
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    Need help in buying a new bike for travel/touring

    Take a look at this website .... You can go directly to their bike buying guides with this link ... The Windsor Tourist from...
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    Dealer online (in USA) or in the New York area?

    There is also: Nashbar ... JensonUSA ... Bicycle Fit Guide ....
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    Raleigh R500 circa 2002 vs save for new

    Looks to be a 2001 model ...
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    Steel frames

    BikeDirect has some reasonably priced steel frame road bikes.
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    Looking for a birthday present for the wife

    A second-hand Trek Multi-Track from the '90s in pristine condition that is as close to "unused" as possible is a good choice. You can probably get one for about $100 if you look around a bit. The 700 was at the base of the model hierarchy and the 750 was at the top. Other steel hybrids of...
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    Good deal on a 2007 Bianchi Volpe?

    Haggle like H****!!! A photo and specs on the 2007 Volpe...
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    Trek 470 14 speed road bike. Should I get it?

    You can check the Vintage Trek website for more detailed information on this model... Make sure everything is in good mechanical order. You can check the specs from the website above to make everything is original.
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    My view on buying a bike and Cycling.

    Shopping for things is a hobby and interest in itself in this country. Vance Packard wrote about this back in the 1950s. Some people spend more time buying "the right bike" than riding it. This means that 5 to 10 years later a dedicated cyclist can come along and pick up an incredible deal...
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    Buying bike for a late beginner

    New from an online merchant, or used from a private seller, you can run into added expense for repairs, adjustments, and parts. Many repairs are easy to handle on your own, if you are mechanically inclined, and you can find online "how-to" information and video tutorials to guide you. In...
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    Tight budget!!

    If you buy second hand, try to find a bike that was as "unused and not abused" as possible. Many times people buy bikes with good intentions of riding, but then just let them sit in the garage or basement for years. You can google bike selection, bike sizing, bike maintenance, bike repairs...
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    need help, road bike or tour bike

    Take a look at the $599 Windsor Tourist from Bikes Direct. Steel frame with some nice components and features.