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    Buying my first bike. help needed.

    The specs of the bike looks wondeful. The rims and the tires are of very high quality. Most of the parts are of Bontrager and I think it's an awesome brand.
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    Help needed - gears! Argh!

    Thank you for recommending the awesome website. I agree with you. It's a good website.
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    Help with gears shifting

    Why is it not working? It sounds like there is a fault in your gear system. Well, you should change the gearing mechanism.
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    Avoiding Knee Pain

    That's an interesting notion but having knee injuries is like a proof that you are 'not' doing good in cycling. Well, the real cyclist rarely experience the knee pain because they are fit.
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    Avoiding Knee Pain

    Before diagnosing you knee pain, you need to know what's the exact cause of the knee pain. Is it because of some chronic disease like arthritis? Is it temporary general knee pain?
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    What Type Of Bike Should A Beginner Buy?

    If you want a road bike, you can get it online but if you want a custom build, you need to go to a local store. You get many choices online and you can choose any brand you like.
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    What Type Of Bike Should A Beginner Buy?

    Yes, that's a good idea. The custom bike will be better than a pre-configured bike by a specific brand. I would also recommend you a custom bike.
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    What Type Of Bike Should A Beginner Buy?

    That's a good question. We really need to know what type of bike he wants. So, do you need a mountain bike? Well, different bikes are needed for different situation.
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    Should i buy this bike

    Yes, definitely. I think that the money you will spend will be worth it. You should buy it.
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    Bike addiction?

    I don't think it's good to consider it a 'disease'. You are just doing something you are passionate about. It's good to collect bikes!
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    Do you use an exercise bike at the gym?

    Yeah, it helps to shed off the fat by burning calories. In the gym, it's one of the most effective equipments to lose weight and to keep you knees fit and healthy.
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    Stamina and speed

    Now-a-days, a lot of people are obese and unfit and that lowers the general energy of the body. So, it's highly recommended for everyone to be fit and healthy to increase their energy levels.
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    Stamina and speed

    That's really a good suggestion. Joining some riding programmes is a good idea that you can implement to improve your skills and speed.
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    Fighting off knee pain and fatigue

    There are many things that you can do to strengthen your knees. You can try the knee exercises. I think you should find out what exactly is the problem before you take any step.
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    Do you dream cycle?

    I dream my cycle almost every day. My life revolves around cycling as I am a cycling enthusiast. I go to my work by riding my bike and I return to my home the same way. So, cycle dreams are common for me.