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    Hows a crit work?

    I've only done a few crits myself (I'm 50+). Citizen crits are riskier because people aren't as experienced - make sure you're in the 1st or 2nd row at the starting line so you can be near the front of the pack at the gun, at least for the first couple of turns. Corners - I've found that I...
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    Any words on Tyler's test results?

    I don't have any experience with medicine or pharmacology as a profession, but am a cyclist and read a lot about the sport, and of course about the efforts to control doping. I also have a son who has been through many years of medical treatments and tests. What I've learned is that most...
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    New Pedals

    The "metal bars" are actually the top and bottom of a metal circle that's open at one side. It works something like a retaining ring that's inserted in a groove at the end of an axle to keep a wheel from falling off (like on a lawn mower or on a child's wagon). The closed side of the ring has...
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    Resting Heart Rate - By Age Group

    Enter your resting heart rate, as it is when you wake up in the morning. Thanks.
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    Ever hit or nearly hit a cyclist?

    I'd nearly forgotten this incident, but when I was about five years old I was sitting on the sidewalk with a buddy and another kid ran over my leg with his bike and broke my leg. I guess that was my introduction to biking accidents.
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    Ever hit or nearly hit a cyclist?

    I saw a car hit a cyclist hard once, and the cyclist walked away. We live on a corner where one of the streets is sort of a 'cross-town' route, so it gets a lot of traffic. I neighbor woman, with her two little girls in her car, was on that street, waiting to turn left onto our street, not...
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    Ever hit or nearly hit a cyclist?

    I'm a roadie (about 5,000 + miles a year) and have had my share of narrowly avoiding crashes with cars. So the other night I'm out driving and nearly clobber a roadie. It was a well lit intersection, but out in an area where there are not any lights beyond the intersection, so everything is...
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    resting heart rate

    Knowing people's resting HR doesn't tell you anything unless you know their age. I'd suggest modifying your poll so it also asks the respondent's age, then group the results in 10-year increments (age 20-30, 30-40, etc). I'm 50 and have a resting HR of 55. I ride about 100-125 miles a week...
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    Your Ride!

    Sounds a lot like my setup - CAAD 4 w/ all DA.
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    Wheaton to Lake Geneva Ride - Sun 8/31

    Managed to just beat the rain by an hour or so. Nice ride with a light tailwind - was able to average 18.9 for the 79 miles. Probably won't do it again until next summer.
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    Click/Creak in Crank?

    Check that your pedals are greased and and COMPLETELY tightened. I had a "double-click" and the right pedal was slightly loose, by which I mean it was not absolutely snug. I've got a 'dale and the aluminum frame seems to transfer the sound so it sounds like something else. Periodically I get...
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    Let's settle this once and for all; Wearing pro-team jerseys :)

    I like team jerseys, but only when with black, non-team shorts. Wearing the whole kit does look a bit snobbish, uppity, I don't know what the word is. Pretentious, maybe. One guy on a group ride I'm in even has pro-team shoe covers, which he wears all the time. I'd also be careful about...
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    Wheaton to Lake Geneva Ride - Sun 8/31

    Larry, From Wheaton I go northwest thru South Elgin, then continue on northwest to just past Randall Rd, then run north to Crystal Lake. From there I go northwest / north to just east of Woodstock where I pick up North Queen Anne Rd, which runs about 12 miles due north to a mile or so east of...
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    Where do your bikes live?

    I keep my bike (Cannondale R4000, full D/A) in the garage, hanging from the ceiling. I ride every day, but my bike is a little dizzy the first few miles from hanging upside down all night long. Hey Schwinn, where do you ride to escape the traffic? I'm just south of you a few towns.
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    Wheaton to Lake Geneva Ride - Sun 8/31

    Am riding from Wheaton, Illinois, to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Sunday August 31. Starting about 8am. Is about 70+ miles. I'll average about 18+ mph. You'll need to find your own place to stay up there, ride back, or get your own ride back.