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    New forum member from northern colorado.

    Hey all, just joined this forum for some good ole cycling banter and maybe some advice thrown in. I live in northern Colorado, and was wondering if any other members have been/live in the Northern Colorado area and can recommend some mountain bike trails or epic road rides for me to tackle...
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    Website recommendations

    I post to my cyclingbodybuilder blog on a weekly basis. While its not pro peleton news, it is cycling related and maybe you'll appreciate some of the content. Check my site out here. Later!
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    What are the ways to stay healthy?

    I agree with your points, however if you sweat a lot while cycling/working out make sure to intake enough salt. Salt is crucial for your electrolyte balance, and if you don't get enough sodium you can have some side effects like nausea, lethargy, cramps, fatigue, headaches etc. I wrote an...
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    I'm hungry!

    Try incorporating a bowl of eggs and oatmeal into your diet. You can eat a bowl for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it will give you lasting clean energy for riding your bike. Check out this link to my article from my blog where I go into a bit more detail. Good luck with your fitness journey!
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    Do you listen to music while riding? if so, how?

    Same here. I've been using the standard iPhone headphones for years together with a smartphone. Like you said, as long as you don't play music too loud you can hear cars coming. I usually alternate between music and no music during long rides, nice to have the option. I also invested in a little...
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    Summerhill charged with firing a gun while riding in colorado

    Summerhill should have definitely observed the law that you cant discharge a firearm from a roadway. He was just asking for trouble. I guess those drugs the pro's use make them a bit angrier than usual! As a Colorado resident, it's certainly a good idea to conceal carry if your riding though...
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    Drone causes crash during california criterium

    Seems like some drone operators need to be playing it more safe. As nice as an aerial video shot is, its not worth causing a crash. Gotta pay attention on the bike 100% of the time for sure!
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    Did You Ride Today?

    Hey all, first post on the cycling forums! Didn't ride today, but I did a good session on the spin bike. Gotta get the miles in somehow! Have a good one y'all!